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  1. I'll smell the pizza and think damn, it should be done by now. Oops. Still eat it.

  2. @Razer for a brief moment I read that as mecha suit and got interested.

  3. RT @historylvrsclub: This is а genuine conversation between Tony Blair and Bill Clinton. https://t.co/4koxeqbPzj

  4. @cbgirl19 uh... I didn't realize that was a thing. I have a nice 7"...scar near mine from surgery. :/

  5. @Razer if you are talking peripheral, the mouse. Otherwise it's between display card, monitor and mouse. Keyboard comes next.

  6. Never had a problem doing system upgrades on my @nvidiashield. Haven't been able to update my accessories since I bought it. *sigh*

  7. @chloeneill I played violin and viola when I was in grade and middle school. Not nearly as easy as people might think.

  8. @DelilahSDawson sometimes you have to read between the lines. The mattress topper I got is pretty good. Keeps sliding down the bed though.

  9. OK, never ever Google internal stitches being rejected. Didn't even know that was a thing.

  10. @DelilahSDawson most of the "for dummies" books are great but I can't think of anything like you requested.

  11. Have to be at work at 6am. Is that even a real time? Nothing before 10am should exist.

  12. Damn it. That's 2 cool doors I've seen today. I want to do something neat with my boring burgundy door.

  13. @hernameisbanks bringing sexy back? Literally. *listens to crickets*

  14. Unfortunate parts of my body are swollen after surgery Wednesday. Not sure how I'm supposed to wear pants to work Monday.

  15. @DeathWishCoffee gah, wish I could have coffee! Been up since yesterday. No food or drink after 10pm last night. Surgery this morning. ?