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  1. @_brandonjm @TokraMemories @BrandonLive @LeifHanson7 @pmuldoon21 @realDonaldTrump Actually, it does. At least, it a… https://t.co/J7IVyZgOzI

  2. RT @RMConservative: The idea that we'd go overseas and fight islamic civil wars, then bring in refugees because we feel guilty is counterin…

  3. RT @gdimeweather: Some record lows that have fallen so far today: Int'l Falls, MN: -14° Duluth, MN: -5° Pellston, MI: -5° Sault Ste. Marie…

  4. RT @seanmdav: The Texas hero who stopped the church shooter didn't stop him with any old gun. He stopped him with an AR-15. https://t.co/TO…

  5. We have to wake this generation up or one day, we will have lost what makes America special. #Millennials https://t.co/7gpyceZ6hy

  6. RT @JesseKellyDC: https://t.co/KK4KLYeb1T

  7. @EdKrassen @IRdotnet @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews Doubtful you regressives could handle the truth. Heck, you already… https://t.co/4v8WMReT4E

  8. @chmayer Promises, promises. 😂 https://t.co/8xdb3idpJX

  9. RT @EternalQuest27: @memehoward @joy4lly2u @necie5040 @brianefallon @POTUS Funny I guess that congresswoman has all the right too that and…

  10. RT @StefanMolyneux: Obama hasn’t been President since January. https://t.co/y1EsBcGlWM

  11. RT @arttavana: Clinton: I can't know for sure exactly how much money I took from Harvey Weinstein Answer: $1,492,673.45 since 1999 https://…

  12. Lmao. Semi-auto shotguns may be the best home defense weapon available on the market today. https://t.co/5J404w947H

  13. @kmmontandon No, fuck your totalitarianism.

  14. @gamblor5555 @MarquesseHardy No. I call you that because you willing take a philosphy that ended up murdering thous… https://t.co/ofys033eyB

  15. @EdDarrell @TwilightGroan3 Btw, ever do a cost-benefit analysis on the amount of people who will DIE of diseases vs… https://t.co/kl01WVsnjH