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  1. RT @viccarucci: #Bills won't be hiring Mike McCoy as their new offensive coordinator, per source.

  2. RT @BarstoolNewsN: When you show up for a final and you have no idea what’s on the exam https://t.co/6AGwAX3DE3

  3. The Internet's greatest accomplishment #GoBills https://t.co/ZPQPVjToBR

  4. @funkchex @_MartyMcFly88_ This is a great thread #gobills

  5. RT @NFLResearch: AFC playoff seeding scenarios based on the outcome of Week 17 games with playoff implications: https://t.co/L2Y6XqHAyl

  6. RT @BuffaloFanTodd: @BuffaloIsland14 @PatsNationPS4 @thebengrimshow @NFLFootballOps https://t.co/SbH9tkoIRz

  7. RT @WJCinBUF: We're excited to announce the Championship Village! 🏆 Look for this Olympic Village-style atmosphere at @CanalsideBflo - a…

  8. RT @WGRZ: Plans approved for two new buildings at Canalside https://t.co/E2vAH2R5a6 https://t.co/BfAdmfcQvC

  9. This league needs more indoor on-ice flyovers 👌#sabres

  10. @BuffaloSabres please bring back this blue full time https://t.co/IoRPnzz09D

  11. The #chargers are 3-6

  12. @rjm376 I'll take 2 tickets please

  13. RT @YardsPerPass: In at 8-8 https://t.co/6d19r0gNkr FML

  14. RT @barstoolsports: True #HockeyGuy @spittinchiclets @PodfathersShow https://t.co/e6QZkHWq9m

  15. For the first time since I can remember, I've decided to not watch the @BuffaloSabres tonight. This is not acceptable.