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  1. I feel old! There is Venmo stalking now?? This is what happens when you age out of the 18-34 crowd. https://t.co/eocXuWrEvT

  2. Good luck Texas TLMD stations! @Noticias60 @TelemundoHou @Telemundo40 @Telemundo39 (and @NBCDFW )

  3. Those were some amazing quiet hours. #nirvana https://t.co/xR07xwSOre

  4. RT @chriscornell: I'm not one to waste my time Searching for some silver lining But somewhere out there Past the storm Lies the shelter of…

  5. RT @NBCLatino: Raise your hand if you speak Spanish at home https://t.co/IYyoocV0Uv

  6. Wow, I need a life. Work buys me a "refurbished" keyboard and mouse, and it made my day. Honestly thought, I real… https://t.co/Rsp9v5mbWR

  7. @jpbrammer Hmm, did I write into hola Papi?

  8. Rabbit Ears? Have @MikeGaytanNews spring for cable at least! https://t.co/NN1cid4JRh

  9. #RIP Gord Downie This song brings back a lot of memories. https://t.co/qwwmPbE04A

  10. RT @JLo: #OneVoice TONIGHT on @nbc @Telemundo @Univision @MTV @BET @VH1 @facebook @iHeartRadio @YouTube and so many more...JOIN US! #SomosU…

  11. Wait... No Alexis Sánchez in the fifa world cup 2018?? https://t.co/F5S3YQ7WZC

  12. Congrats @JairoAMarin https://t.co/sHPH9awcdC

  13. RT @tompetty: Thanks to everyone for supporting us for the last 40 years! Without YOU, there'd be no US! #TPHB40 https://t.co/MrJg4dVJJp

  14. RT @Telemundo: Telemundo es el #1 y la Copa Mundial de la FIFA™ vive aquí. https://t.co/YJhgYJR7ix ¡Gracias! https://t.co/4b7ZhcNxRR

  15. I should keep quiet, now there are quakes?