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    I do not welcome any part of this. I don't think T-Mobile really cares about doing anything they say they care about. I have seen how truly bad their network is in the ways that matter for essential communication, and I want nothing to do with it. Say what you want about Verizon, but the one thing they have in common with Sprint is that they have historically built out a solid network before trying to make it extremely fast. I don't care about 50 Mbps to my phone. I care about calls that don't get disconnected constantly. I care about that stock trade getting through when I send it, even if carried by EVDO, because EVDO still gets it through. Sprint's "Outdoor coverage" maps might seem exaggerated to some, but T-Mobile's maps are a complete joke. Maybe Michigan is a bubble, the only state where this is true, but it really is very true here. T-Mobile is the network of dropped and undelivered calls, mysterious disconnection, and "call failed" error messages. If this goes through, look for me at the nearest Verizon store because price to me is absolutely irrelevant. I see two things happening if this merger goes through: 1: Sprint spectrum is used to bolster capacity at T-Mobile sites, and 2: As much of the current Sprint network as possible goes away, even if it means losing sites that would provide valuable fill-in density. I saw the latter happen with Sprint and Nextel, after they insisted that all Nextel sites that could serve to increase Sprint coverage would be used. Similarly, there were locations T-Mobile could have used MetroPCS locations to improve their own coverage but didn't, even where it left holes in their network.
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    to me rural coverage matters most....because i like being able to make phone calls and send texts in remote areas of the country ...i dont care about speeds i just care about per square mile coverage and over all usability and reliability
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    Honestly I think its because Trump doesn't like cnn
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    I want the combined company, down the line to pare down their bands to a manageable number by doing some well thought out spectrum horse trading. For example, T-Mobile and Dish exchanging band 71 spectrum for either Band 26 or 12. Maybe even host Comcast's Band 71. Or trade AWS-3 to Verizon for PCS spectrum. Maybe just limit their bands in the end to 600MHz, PCS, AWS and 2.5GHz. Fewer antennas/RRHs, less weight, less rent.I am not saying that this should happen soon but down the line.