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Found 1 result

  1. I realize my contributions won't be about Sprint or anything in the US market...so please feel free to move to a 'foreign' section. Before I start any new threads or post further, I thought it might be interesting if I share what I know on my local carriers. Here we go... The Big Four in South Africa MTN (MTN Group reported 210 million subscribers in April 2014; big push into rest of Africa) Vodacom (51.5 million subscribers reported in July 2013; owned by Vodafone UK) Cell C (12.3 million subscribers reported in November 2013; "the underdog") Telkom Mobile (1.6 million subscribers reported in September 2013; "new kids on the block") LTE takes off Telkom Mobile, previously "8ta", were the early adopters and conducted a very visible LTE trial during the period November 2012 - August 2013. MTN and Vodacom followed suit. From what I could see, they conducted closed trials. Cell C has yet to adopt LTE. SA spectrum - MTN operates their 3G and LTE networks in the 1800MHz band. They use FDD for LTE. - Vodacom also operates the 1800MHz band, also using FDD for LTE. - Telkom Mobile use 2100MHz for 3G and 2300MHz for LTE. They're the only carrier to use TDD. - Cell C operates in the 2100MHz bands offering 2G and 3G only (as at August 2014) Personal use of each carrier for LTE Telkom Mobile uses TDD so get very high speeds; I've hit 73Mbps but have seen demos of 100Mbps; Uploads max out at 7-9Mbps; This is my voice provider. MTN uses FDD and the speeds are much more synchronous; I've hit up to 50Mbps but have seen other users getting 71Mbps; Uploads max out at 21Mbps. This is my home fixed broadband provider. Vodacom uses FDD and the speeds are a mixed bag yet performance is good; I've not seen many reports on LTE speeds but have personally hit around 16Mbps down and 9Mbps up, best case; I use this carrier for my iPad 4.
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