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Found 1 result

  1. Traceroute is a useful tool that can give insight into the topology and geography of the network between your device and a remote webpage, host, etc. It also shows the raw latency (ping) between your device and the first hop TCP/IP router on the network. Whereas sites like speedtest show the ping between your device and their server in who-knows-where. Let's post our traceroutes from our Sprint devices to some common mobile websites (m.google.com, m.yahoo.com) and see how they compare in various parts of the country. I did two traceroutes while on LTE from my iPhone, one to Google and one to Yahoo. Be sure you disable Wi-fi before you do the traceroute. I used a cheap app called IT Tools ($0.99) to do the traceroute on my iPhone 5. But there are free ones available. For consistency purposes, I recommend you traceroute directly to the same IP addresses my traceroutes used, since various parts of the country may use DNS to resolve target IP addresses in a different geographical location. I'm in Austin, TX. My phone's IP address according to its interface table is 51.127.74.x and according to www.whatismyip.com it is I'm about 1000 feet from my tower with my iPhone's signal strength showing -82 (aka 4 or 5ish "bars") google - 9 iterations traceroute to m.google.com (, 64 hops max, 56 byte packets 1 sent:9 loss:0% last:30.132 ms avg:30.148 ms 2 sent:9 loss:0% last:31.378 ms avg:33.102 ms 3 sent:9 loss:0% last:31.671 ms avg:35.49 ms 4 sent:9 loss:44.4% last:39.579 ms avg:37.77 ms 5 sent:9 loss:0% last:37.74 ms avg:36.324 ms 6 sent:9 loss:0% last:34.538 ms avg:57.248 ms sl-crs3-fw-.sprintlink.net ( 7 sent:9 loss:0% last:35.364 ms avg:38.376 ms 8 sent:9 loss:0% last:92.194 ms avg:45.749 ms 9 sent:9 loss:0% last:35.156 ms avg:43.811 ms 10 sent:9 loss:0% last:38.256 ms avg:48.43 ms 11 sent:9 loss:0% last:59.839 ms avg:58.647 ms 12 sent:8 loss:0% last:60.326 ms avg:63.575 ms 13 sent:8 loss:100% last:0 ms avg:0 ms 14 sent:8 loss:0% last:58.614 ms avg:67.883 ms ye-in-f193.1e100.net ( yahoo - 32 iterations traceroute to m.yahoo.com (, 64 hops max, 56 byte packets 1 sent:33 loss:0% last:32.607 ms avg:39.101 ms 2 sent:33 loss:0% last:29.243 ms avg:33.093 ms 3 sent:33 loss:0% last:38.868 ms avg:35.506 ms 4 sent:33 loss:12.1% last:38.542 ms avg:40.582 ms 5 sent:33 loss:0% last:35.382 ms avg:36.152 ms 6 sent:33 loss:0% last:38.624 ms avg:40.726 ms sl-crs3-fw-.sprintlink.net ( 7 sent:33 loss:0% last:42.728 ms avg:48.217 ms 8 sent:32 loss:0% last:36.135 ms avg:43.818 ms 9 sent:32 loss:0% last:95.774 ms avg:44.656 ms ae-4-90.edge3.dallas1.level3.net ( 10 sent:32 loss:0% last:40.504 ms avg:40.655 ms yahoo-inc.edge3.dallas1.level3.net ( 11 sent:32 loss:0% last:40.661 ms avg:43.8 ms ae-2-d131.msr2.mud.yahoo.com ( ae-1-d131.msr2.mud.yahoo.com ( ae-1-d121.msr1.mud.yahoo.com ( ae-2-d121.msr1.mud.yahoo.com ( 12 sent:32 loss:0% last:42.541 ms avg:40.765 ms te-7-1.fab1-a-gdc.mud.yahoo.com ( te-7-2.fab1-a-gdc.mud.yahoo.com ( te-6-2.fab2-a-gdc.mud.yahoo.com ( te-7-1.fab2-a-gdc.mud.yahoo.com ( 13 sent:32 loss:0% last:35.663 ms avg:39.504 ms unknown-66-94-233-x.yahoo.com ( unknown-66-94-233-x.yahoo.com ( 14 sent:32 loss:0% last:36.077 ms avg:41.989 ms r4.ycpi.vip.mud.yahoo.net (
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