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Found 2 results

  1. Sprint Nextel revealed their second quarter 2012 corporate earnings in a conference call to their investors today and S4GRU was covering for news on Network Vision. Network thinning of the iDEN network is complete, taking 1/3 of Nextel towers off air. The Nextel network was built to support 20 million subscribers, but was only supporting 4.4 million subscribers, so it could easily be thinned without [much] noticeable change in street coverage. Sprint also converted 60% of the Nextel subscriber loss into their Sprint subscriber base. Interestingly, they stated that Verizon has been the biggest poacher of subscribers leaving Nextel, grabbing 50% of former subscribers in the last 4 1/2 years. In that same timeframe, Sprint has grabbed 25%, AT&T 20% and T-Mobile 5%. On the Network Vision topic: 4 additional cities will launch, including Baltimore, by the end of August.*Edit* Cities were disclosed VIA press release following the conference call. They are: Baltimore, MD Gainesville, GA Manhattan/Junction City, KS Sherman-Denison, TX Over 2,000 sites are currently online with 12,000 sites to be online by the end of the year Network Vision towers are seeing 10-20% additional voice minutes usage per tower, overnight after activating Network Vision. This will equal roaming savings for Sprint, and ESMR will only increase that savings. CEO Dan Hesse confirmed that Sprint will be releasing the Motorola Photon Q "in the very near future." It will be a QWERTY slider "with robust business and consumer features." It will also be sporting world phone capability. Several hundred Network Vision sites are waiting for backhaul, and will turn on when the backhaul is installed, several hundred more sites have birds nesting on them and Sprint won't be able to turn them on until the birds leave, according to the conference call. Sprint sold 1.5 million iPhones during the quarter, even though other carriers saw slowing of sales with rumors ramping up that the new iPhone would support LTE. 40% of the iPhone sales were to new customers. They also stated that iPhone customers require less customer support and are expected to churn less than customers on other phones. Mr. Hesse confirmed that Sprint is not looking to change plans in the near future. Things are looking up for Sprint. This quarter saw their highest ARPU and their lowest churn rate to date. They posted a larger loss than Q1, but beat their revenue goals for Q2. For more detailed financial information, check the source link below. Source: http://investors.spr...spx?iid=4057219 http://finance.yahoo...-141200985.html -Thanks to S4GRU sponsor marioc21 for finding this link!
  2. Let me start off by saying I've been a long time lurker, and this is my first time posting. So, to the phone issue. I bought the Motorola Photon Q on Monday of this week, 8/20/12. I loved the keyboard and screen as soon as I saw it and played with it. The radios seemed very solid, and everything worked well...until I tried to send a picture message. Picture messages would simply not go through, it would remain in sending phase endlessly, and still does. I went to the store (not corporate), and told them my issue. They refreshed the profile, even refreshed the network on the Sprint side. Still, it didn't work. They replaced the phone with another new Photon Q. Well, again, MMS didn't work. I at first thought that this might an issue with Google Voice. Except, it wasn't. Disabling Google Voice didn't fix the issue. So, they called Sprint again, went through the same things. Eventually, they got to the "real" tech support. I wouldn't call them better than the original support, as they wanted the store to pull the battery out. But wait, the Photon Q doesn't have a removable battery! So, I'm the first person to have an issue with the Photon Q. The outcome as of 8/22/12: Sprint is aware of the problem, and is fixing it. An update will be made very soon (via OTA, and we all know how fast those go ). The store has offered to replace my phone in exchange for the Samsung S3 (or any other phone I want), which I am still considering. My problem: Even if an OTA comes out to fix my issue, that will be more hectic for me. Why? Because I am rooting my phone as soon as possible. An OTA will break my root. Also, another issue I am facing, if I flash a custom ROM in the future, will that ROM have the same MMS issue? Update: Well, the good news comes at the end, I decided to try and use a different messaging application (Go SMS), other than the stock one. AND IT SOMEHOW WORKS!!! So, I will be keeping the Motorola Photon Q, but, I'll post this for other who may experience the same issue.
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