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Found 23 results

  1. With Todays announcement that T-Mobile and Sprint are merging, and the announcement of the T-Mobile Sprint Roaming deal that will survive and will last for four years regardless if the merger is completed or not, which is effect immediately as stated in the conference call and the slides made available. So I thought I'd create this to see if anyone has been able to use their Sprint device on T-Mobile roaming yet. And of course if not, once you do, come back here and say you have. Personally I'm not bothering with anything until after the coverage map is updated again, hopefully to reflect the T-Mobile roaming. And of course if you are able to roam onto T-Mobile what kind of speeds are you pulling, and on what device. Also for those that are unaware, the T-Mobile Sprint Roaming agreement that was announced as part of todays merger announcement is a roaming agreement for Sprint customers to roam onto T-Mobile for 4 years and takes affect immediately, yes right now, regardless if the merger completes or not. Surely it's a stepping stone to integrating the networks by getting Sprint devices that are capable, which according to the conference call is 20 Million Sprint devices ready to be used on the T-Mobile network full time once deal is approved by the regulators and finally completed.
  2. I'm new to this forum, and I've seen people mention cell sites with specific ID's (for example, SF33XC664). Is there any significance to these ID's, and is there a way to decode them? Also, how do I figure out what the cell site ID's are for towers near me? Thanks! I'm excited to start talking on this site more 😀
  3. hello everyone i m starting a thread for sprint network predictions for 2018. i am wishing sprint and s4gru a happy holidays and new years. regards Daniel
  4. I'm here looking for answers to a simple question. Where is this mystery Sprint signal coming from? For the past few weeks I've received a signal on multiple Sprint devices, two Sprint devices with roaming turned off, and two Virgin Mobile phones and Virgin Mobile phones can't roam, the other rate plans might be able but I'm talk about Virgin Mobile devices from before they introduced all those other plans. What I'm making clear is these devices have to be picking up a Sprint signal, plus I've downloaded the SignalCheck Pro app which has indicated two different signals 1XRTT and 1X800. The signal only last for about 8 hours each morning and begins coming in and out towards the end of each morning. I try making a call and it fails, and it doesn't get any data at all. I try each device and they all do the same thing they have a signal and very strong signal with no data, and voice doesn't go threw, I haven't tried sending a text figured no data, no voice then there must be no text. I read about some "projects" that Sprint has going on Project Ocean and Project Cedar. Since Project Ocean is suppose to be taking place in Missouri and I live so close to the Iowa, Missouri line, I figured if there is a tower going up maybe it is possible I'm getting a signal from it, in the early stages. I really don't know what is going on, if Sprint is launching service, putting up new towers and that signal finally comes, and stays, and works. I'll be back full time on the Sprint ban wagon. Unfortunately, I live in an area not served by (according to experience and coverage map) Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Not even the two Iowa carriers i Wireless or Chat Mobility serve my area, go 10, 15 or 20 miles in any direction your good, here, wireless dead zone, no choice of carriers. And if Sprint puts a tower here if I finally get an answer and learn that signal will soon come and stay and work I'll finally have a choice. So if anyone has any ideas, has experienced this in other parts of the country or has any idea what could be going on please say. Any information is better than not knowing, and together maybe this will be answered.
  5. IBEZ will be solved SOONER, rather than later. Which is a good thing. I would have liked for SoftBank to join the fight, because EVERYONE knows that their roaming rates are going to be abysmal with Sprint customers traveling to Mexico. Is this a raw deal? Your thoughts? Via GigaOM: https://gigaom.com/2015/01/26/att-to-buy-nextel-mexico-continuing-continental-expansion/
  6. With the introduction of the new plans Sprint has announced. I told one of my friends about the $60 unlimited plan and she was shocked yet happy about it. She currently has T-Mobile and there has been times where my Sprint service has out performed her service even in the city with puling up information and out of town...well... you already know how that went. She was talking about switching and stuff but then she sent me a typical article bashing Sprint and I got irritated by it and I had to explain to her that Sprint is not bad at all. These articles are based on past experiences from 3+ years ago. I told her I'm pulling 60+ mbps on LTE but she's worried about Sprint being slow ( because of what she read). Guys give me some advice on persuading her to give Sprint a chance. I feel like articles that are being posted is what keeps away customers. It makes no sense that T-Mobiles 2g network is not spoken about when they are in the news for changes to plans and such. But good ol Sprint makes changes and articles that get posted rips Sprint apart for filth.
  7. I've been a fanboy of Sprint ever since I got my Palm Prē in October of 2009. I had left AT&T because my iPhone 3GS was stolen, and because precentral.net peaked my interest in WebOS. So I used those reasons to take the opportunity switch to Sprint. Plus, I like their yellow colour. It's nice to look at. I had devoted a lot of time (and money) to WebOS over those long and exciting months. Staying up late at night on community forums and chat sessions waiting for OTA's to be downloadable. Testing them out, and raving about "How exciting this, and that was.) I was so devoted to WebOS and Sprint that I had had great success with many family members and friends, switching then to Sprint and Palm's WebOS. About 6 months in, I had discovered SprintUsers. They had an mediocre community. 30% of the high volume contributors were intelligent. The rest didn't seem to have graduated middle school language arts. I liked what I saw, save for those rampant bad apples. And I liked what I heard while listening to the SprintUsers podcast. The podcasters and their guests, most of whom were employees, were fun to listen to at the time. It was an informative and compelling podcast that I'd like to see recreated here in some form or another through S4GRU. PODCAST LOCATED HERE: http://www.sprintusers.com/category/podcast/ Is anyone up to the challenge? I'd love to see it happen. Whether a staff member heads it, or a devoted forum contributor wants to, it doesn't matter to me as long as it gets up and running. Might there be a reason not to? Would it be 'too much' public exposure? I'm thinking that SprintUsers were told sternly by the top brass to "quit it" or get a pink slip. A reason was never given on the forums (that I could find) as to why it was unceremoniously shut down. I know that my posts as of late haven't been as valuable as I'd like them to be. Normally 1 sentence one-liners, but I'd hope that I can reshape my image in the future with more well thought out posts, that contribute to & further a discussion. Not just adding my 2¢, (with statements valued as such) just for the heck of it. Please consider this seriously. Everyone. S4GRU has the gravitas and the calibre to achieve prestige at such heights of theVerge, & Engadget. If it doesn't happen for two months for the sake of being well planned by the Staff, I'd be okay with that. As long as it gets going. It should be a monthly show, say, before, or after the monthly Community Summit chat? (I don't think "summit" is the right word)
  8. With the FCC and Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon have agreed to this new unlocking policy. How does this effect sprint phones such as the IPhone. I have heard that Sprint can unlock your phone but you can not take it to other carriers such as Verizon and the IPhone can only be used overseas. (Correct me if I am wrong). I am glad that this has finally happened. But when it comes to Sprint how would this work?
  9. http://downdetector.com/status/sprint/map/ Anyone else having data issues?
  10. I'm a former sprint customer, and recently moved to T-mobile. The main reason I moved to T-mobile had to do with the speed of the network from the speed testing websites, and they seemed to be more reliable. The second resons was that it was on GSM network which would allow for International roaming when abroad. However, I've found that when T-mobile is available it is fast, but lacks indoor penetration, something I notieced of Sprint as well, it also is not available everywhere such as sprint overall coverage. So I am now thinking of switching back to sprint because I live in Indiana and travel a lot on the road, which requires coverage that is not readily provided by T-mobile. My question, if and when Sprint moves LTE to 800mhz and 2.5Ghz, are new phones required to take advantage of that frequency or will the Moto X and Iphone 5s work on those bands? Secondly, I read that Verizon will be shutting down its CDMA network sometime next year and move to Voicelte, I'm thinking this will effect Sprint coverage since I'm sure they use their network at times. Any thoughts on that or has Sprint also announced moving to Voice over LTE? My main concern was with speed of the network, which when I have coverage with T-mobile, is much slower than Sprint (my wife still has sprint). I'm not sure I understand why the network is slower on Sprint and whether that will improve over time specfiically in Indianapolis. I appreciate any feedback so that I might move back to Sprint for the best long-term viability.
  11. I know we all love Sprint, and want it to be the best and most reliable network. I'm just wondering as to why Sprint didn't decide to make a crazy announcement of a "5G" network and just skip over 4G? Would this not be possible? Does one have to have a predecessor network in place before a successor network can come to be? I would think that they could have just installed back haul that could support a "5G" network. Would this have been plausible? Did they ever think of doing this and decided that it would have taken three times as long as NV has already? This was just an idea that popped in my head earlier and wanted to start a discussion on it and see what you guys have to say about it.
  12. I do not know if there is already a thread for this but I left Sprint back in June due to the horrible speeds after 10 years with them I went to T-Mobile. I plan on switching back before the year is over once NV is more blanketed in Ohio more so Columbus OH. But for anyone who has a good amount of LTE in their state, How are you LTE speeds. Currently I am pulling in 30mbps on T-Mobile which is nice but I do not need all that. So how are Sprint's LTE speeds and how consistent are they?
  13. We manage a decent sized account in Buffalo, NY that has been having voice/data issues since before the upgrades began. Recently one of the engineers stated that a "back haul circuit" was needed to resolve the issue. I do product knowledge (play with phone features) and have zero knowledge of advanced network stuffs. Anyone know what he is talking about? Is this an actual device/system?
  14. So now that iDen is shutdown, when can we expect a 800mhz rollout? From my understanding, the equipment is capable and it is as simple as a software upgrade. Is this something that involves a technician visiting the site? Thanks in advance.
  15. I have a question, outside of the data issue, Why is it that people refuse to be on sprint? I have seen people talk bad about Sprint more than T-Mobile.
  16. Honest opinion, once sprint is near complete with the Network Vision build out do you guys think that sprint will still offer unlimited data? I know with lte comes increased usage and because of that do you think sprint may turn to data limits to keep the network from being hit to hard?
  17. Alright so this thread is for any new users to the site who do not already know what "Backhaul" means, which im sure a good bit of you have already heard of this lol. WHAT IS BACKHAUL? Backhaul is one factor in how fast data speeds can be on a mobile network. Backhaul means sending data over an "out of the way" route, usually meaning to allow data to travel quicker or for less expensive data transfer costs. Think of it as a backchannel to a network. With data flowing more freely, the speeds for other network users will remain constant and uninterrupted, even under heavy data traffic. HOW IS BACKHAUL ACHIEVED? Backhaul is usually achieved by installing fiber optic cables to the cell site. Fiber optics tend to be a better electrical transmitter than standard cable setups. On towers, singlemode and multimode fiber appear mostly in tower setups. Usually as well, singlemode fiber carries more bandwith than multimode fiber connections can. So what does this mean? It means that backhaul has some quite technical aspects. Many think that backhaul is just a simple cable swap, but in reality, the technology behind backhauling a mobile network is very extensive. Not only is this good for the company, but it is also good for the users who demand better network efficiency, as well as faster, more constant data speeds. Also, just as a sidenote, backhaul is a huge factor on LTE networks. I will put this as simple as possible: If an LTE network is deployed without the appropriate backhaul upgrades, the network will crawl, especially under heavy data traffic. The same applies to backhauled 3G networks (Known as HSPA+), which is one of the reasons why AT&T and T-Mobiles HSPA+ networks suffer with such terrible data speeds in some areas.
  18. Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows how the upgrade to LTE Advanced will go? Is it just a software upgrade? Or are they going to have to go to every cell site and do some physical hardware upgrade? Is it true Sprint is going to move LTE to the 850 mhz spectrum occupied by IDEN when they finally get rid of nextel? Will this require new hardware? I'm just trying to understand how long it will actually be until sprint has comparable service to ATT and VZ. It looks like its going to be at least 6 months, probably closer to a year. Thanks for any help you're able to offer.
  19. So seeing as how Sprint is aiming to have Network Vision mostly completed by the end of this year as well as the apparent inclusion of LTE upgrades to Network.sprint.com, do you think they are focusing on doing strictly NV upgrades or are there still band-aid fixes taking place?
  20. Traceroute is a useful tool that can give insight into the topology and geography of the network between your device and a remote webpage, host, etc. It also shows the raw latency (ping) between your device and the first hop TCP/IP router on the network. Whereas sites like speedtest show the ping between your device and their server in who-knows-where. Let's post our traceroutes from our Sprint devices to some common mobile websites (m.google.com, m.yahoo.com) and see how they compare in various parts of the country. I did two traceroutes while on LTE from my iPhone, one to Google and one to Yahoo. Be sure you disable Wi-fi before you do the traceroute. I used a cheap app called IT Tools ($0.99) to do the traceroute on my iPhone 5. But there are free ones available. For consistency purposes, I recommend you traceroute directly to the same IP addresses my traceroutes used, since various parts of the country may use DNS to resolve target IP addresses in a different geographical location. I'm in Austin, TX. My phone's IP address according to its interface table is 51.127.74.x and according to www.whatismyip.com it is I'm about 1000 feet from my tower with my iPhone's signal strength showing -82 (aka 4 or 5ish "bars") google - 9 iterations traceroute to m.google.com (, 64 hops max, 56 byte packets 1 sent:9 loss:0% last:30.132 ms avg:30.148 ms 2 sent:9 loss:0% last:31.378 ms avg:33.102 ms 3 sent:9 loss:0% last:31.671 ms avg:35.49 ms 4 sent:9 loss:44.4% last:39.579 ms avg:37.77 ms 5 sent:9 loss:0% last:37.74 ms avg:36.324 ms 6 sent:9 loss:0% last:34.538 ms avg:57.248 ms sl-crs3-fw-.sprintlink.net ( 7 sent:9 loss:0% last:35.364 ms avg:38.376 ms 8 sent:9 loss:0% last:92.194 ms avg:45.749 ms 9 sent:9 loss:0% last:35.156 ms avg:43.811 ms 10 sent:9 loss:0% last:38.256 ms avg:48.43 ms 11 sent:9 loss:0% last:59.839 ms avg:58.647 ms 12 sent:8 loss:0% last:60.326 ms avg:63.575 ms 13 sent:8 loss:100% last:0 ms avg:0 ms 14 sent:8 loss:0% last:58.614 ms avg:67.883 ms ye-in-f193.1e100.net ( yahoo - 32 iterations traceroute to m.yahoo.com (, 64 hops max, 56 byte packets 1 sent:33 loss:0% last:32.607 ms avg:39.101 ms 2 sent:33 loss:0% last:29.243 ms avg:33.093 ms 3 sent:33 loss:0% last:38.868 ms avg:35.506 ms 4 sent:33 loss:12.1% last:38.542 ms avg:40.582 ms 5 sent:33 loss:0% last:35.382 ms avg:36.152 ms 6 sent:33 loss:0% last:38.624 ms avg:40.726 ms sl-crs3-fw-.sprintlink.net ( 7 sent:33 loss:0% last:42.728 ms avg:48.217 ms 8 sent:32 loss:0% last:36.135 ms avg:43.818 ms 9 sent:32 loss:0% last:95.774 ms avg:44.656 ms ae-4-90.edge3.dallas1.level3.net ( 10 sent:32 loss:0% last:40.504 ms avg:40.655 ms yahoo-inc.edge3.dallas1.level3.net ( 11 sent:32 loss:0% last:40.661 ms avg:43.8 ms ae-2-d131.msr2.mud.yahoo.com ( ae-1-d131.msr2.mud.yahoo.com ( ae-1-d121.msr1.mud.yahoo.com ( ae-2-d121.msr1.mud.yahoo.com ( 12 sent:32 loss:0% last:42.541 ms avg:40.765 ms te-7-1.fab1-a-gdc.mud.yahoo.com ( te-7-2.fab1-a-gdc.mud.yahoo.com ( te-6-2.fab2-a-gdc.mud.yahoo.com ( te-7-1.fab2-a-gdc.mud.yahoo.com ( 13 sent:32 loss:0% last:35.663 ms avg:39.504 ms unknown-66-94-233-x.yahoo.com ( unknown-66-94-233-x.yahoo.com ( 14 sent:32 loss:0% last:36.077 ms avg:41.989 ms r4.ycpi.vip.mud.yahoo.net (
  21. It seems that LTE is very susecptible to minor terrain changes. While I was mapping a new LTE area, I noticed that when the road had a minor dip, LTE would drop. Now that I've been using sensorly, I watch the map and see gaps in LTE coverage. Sure enough, when that happens, the road has a dip in it.
  22. Is sprint going to use a new "logo" 4G LTE indicator on phones like Verizon and AT&T or go with just 4G. In the picture of the Evo it is just 4G. Seems like if they want to keep customers informed about their technology they would differentiate them?
  23. This is a tower that I pass on my way home. It is listed as one slated for NV but I can't tell if any work has started. Can any of you tell me any NV work has begun here?
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