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Found 10 results

  1. I have the $100 for two lines Family Unlimited Data Plan with add-on lines at $40. Would there be any "fine-print" drawbacks? Like, loss of Unlimited for Life Guarantee? Less off-network roaming data allotment from the usual 300+Mb of data? Lower priority on the network? I know that bucket data plans have the highest post-paid priority. What will I miss out on? Because I can NOT fathom that Sprint will be losing money by giving you 3GB of hotspot data AND lose more money than my current plan.
  2. I'm sure everyone remembers the free night and weekend minutes we had years ago. This morning I was thinking what if a carrier took that same idea but instead made for it data. I think that if a carrier was able to implement this that it would be big and a game changer. What do you guys think?
  3. With the introduction of the new plans Sprint has announced. I told one of my friends about the $60 unlimited plan and she was shocked yet happy about it. She currently has T-Mobile and there has been times where my Sprint service has out performed her service even in the city with puling up information and out of town...well... you already know how that went. She was talking about switching and stuff but then she sent me a typical article bashing Sprint and I got irritated by it and I had to explain to her that Sprint is not bad at all. These articles are based on past experiences from 3+ years ago. I told her I'm pulling 60+ mbps on LTE but she's worried about Sprint being slow ( because of what she read). Guys give me some advice on persuading her to give Sprint a chance. I feel like articles that are being posted is what keeps away customers. It makes no sense that T-Mobiles 2g network is not spoken about when they are in the news for changes to plans and such. But good ol Sprint makes changes and articles that get posted rips Sprint apart for filth.
  4. http://downdetector.com/status/sprint/map/ Anyone else having data issues?
  5. Hello! I'm new to Sprint and I'm having some issues with my LG G2. I was hoping someone could assist me with it. 1. My most urgent problem is the constant powercycling. If the screen is locked and I unlock it, oftentimes it powercycles once or twice before I can actually use the phone. It's not the issue with the proximity sensor being covered (that's totally separate). It's just when I Swype to unlock the phone. 2. I can't use the internet when I'm on the phone. I can't believe it and it's really disappointing that it's doing this. 3. My Swype doesn't automatically space between words when I'm on the internet. If I don't actually touch the space bar, then allmywritinglookslikethis. Mypreciousphonespacedbetweenwords. I'mnotsureifthisisasettingbutIneedhelpplease!
  6. Honest opinion, once sprint is near complete with the Network Vision build out do you guys think that sprint will still offer unlimited data? I know with lte comes increased usage and because of that do you think sprint may turn to data limits to keep the network from being hit to hard?
  7. Sprint is stepping up to the plate. Nice move. http://newsroom.sprint.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=2602
  8. I like to listen to a lot of sports talk radio. Today, I heard a statement from a local radio personality who was mystified that he could easily "text" but not "tweet" at a popular downtown location while watching a recent NCAA Tournament basketball game involving a highly successful college basketball team. I am not the least bit surprised, but I will throw this out there for discussion fodder... AJ
  9. dvrdwn

    bad data signal

    I picked up my HTC Evo 4G Lte saturday and am very disappointed in the data speed. My original Evo 4G was much better. The people at sprint can't explain why. Anybody else have probs with there Evo lte? BTW I live in sarasota, FL.
  10. Danny Bullard Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Thursday, March 23, 2012 - 1:15 PM MDT I'm sure you know Sprint offers unlimited data, but what about the other wireless carriers? Well that's a totally different story. Out of the Big 4 carriers in the United States, Sprint is the only carrier to offer "true unlimited data." Verizon killed off their unlimited data plan just last year, leaving their heavy data users in the dust. AT&T on the other hand killed off their unlimited data plan in June of 2010 also leaving their data users in the dust. The 4th largest carrier in the U.S., T-Mobile, also killed off their unlimited data plan in 2011. Carriers claim that "90% to 99% of their customers use less then 2GB of data monthly." At the moment, these are the following monthly rates for data for the Tier 1 Wireless carriers. Verizon; 2GB for $30, 5GB for $50 and 8GB for $80. Big money for moderate to heavy users. It only gets better from there (sarcasm). AT&T; 300MB for $20, 3GB for $30 and 5GB for $50. T-Mobile; 2GB for $29.99, 5GB for $39.99 and 10GB for $69.99. Sprint; $79.99 for Unlimited. Unlimited. Sprint offers the best plans for most data users, obviously. However, the big questions for millions of us, is, when is Sprint going to scrap unlimited? I mean, it has to be soon, right? Mobile World Live scored an interview with Sprint's own CEO Dan Hesse and asked them specifically about Sprint keeping unlimited data. This was Hesse's response, "We certainly hope so, my plans are to continue with it as long as we possibly can, hopefully forever. We’ll see, you never say always, you never say never, but I think for some time to come. What’s important to be able to maintain, is to really focus on what it takes to maintain it, the customers have spoken very clearly, I talked on the panel earlier today about our customer satisfaction rankings, how much they've increased because of the simplicity and customers really do like unlimited." Peace of mind is awesome isn't it? So what happens when you go over your "data caps?" Your carrier will charge you a certain amount of money for each gig after you break your data cap. This causes many of their users to be fearful or apprehensive to use their data. These caps can be broken within a day if you're running on Verizon's or AT&T's 4G network if you're a heavy data user. Seem far fetched? Consider this... There have been reports of LTE iPad owners going over their data caps within days when running on their carrier's 4G LTE network. There are ways to prevent this from happening (like staying on WiFi while at home). Sucks when you have to worry about going over your data cap. Even if you don't use much data, having unlimited data gives you the relief of not having to worry about going over a certain cap. Having to worry about going over your data cap is the case with most carriers, sadly. So, is LTE connectivity useless when capped or throttled by your carrier? Yes, if you use more data then the provided data plans. Also, do you see unlimited data as a privilege or a given? Sound off in the comments below. Source: MobileWorldLive
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