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Found 7 results

  1. There are lots of reviews out there about the 5s and its battery life, but not many specific to Sprint. For those that have already gotten one, any impressions on how the battery is holding up for you? Also, if you could mention if you spend most of your day on EVDO vs LTE vs WIFI, that would be helpful as well.
  2. Got to explore the Alessandro Volta Temple in Como, Italy. Pretty impressive physicist. Invented the first battery back in the 1800. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alessandro_Volta http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltaic_pile Volta's work on the Law of capacitance is the reason the unit of electrical potential has been named the volt. Photos located on Google Plus. https://plus.google.com/app/basic/stream/z12yxlsj1p3sdz4xh04ci1eaawiyxjtpnng0k?cbp=1qkbuzk1turei&sview=28&spath=/app/basic/s&sparm=sc%3Dpo%26sq%3DVolta
  3. I've heard around these forums that LTE will not drain a phone's battery any more than 3g on newer phones. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 though and that seems not accurate in my case to the point where I almost dread LTE showing up because I'll be having to go on airplane mode within a couple hours. Even when I go to a place with strong Sprint LTE signal with high data rates (e.g.; 20 mbps), my phone will only last a few hours at most before I am in the yellow. If I am on 3g though with that kind of signal and general use, I can generally last a day without charging. Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 just not good at LTE battery life or is LTE simply a battery hog? I am hoping it is the former since I'm going to be upgrading soon.
  4. Just wondering if other people have noticed increased battery life after alot of the NV upgrades as I have here in NYC. I typically would get between 7-8hrs on a GS3 on full charge. Now, using my girlfriends GS3, I get nearly 10hrs. That is a solid 20-30% increase in battery life. I did expect a slight bump in battery life..but not as much as I have ended up getting.. As a side note, I purchased an HTC ONE on release date and get about 12hrs on one charge with heavy use.
  5. Sprint appears to be giving free extended batteries to new and existing Galaxy Nexus users on 8/19. http://phandroid.com...ustomers-deals/
  6. Ok, so I've barely used my phone at all when I go to take it out of my pocket and it's smoking hot. The temp app says over 40 Celsius. I've been within 15 feet of the wifi router pretty much all day at work so signal should not have been an issue. It has gone from full off the charger to less than 50% with hardly any use. I set it on my desk and forget about it. I leave to go home and I try to turn on the screen and find that the unit is completely dead. No battery at all. Plug in the charger in the car and the LED slowly blinks for several minutes before going solid orange to indicate charging. I can finally boot it up and check my battery stats and this is what I see. My battery just fell off a cliff for no discernible reason. The screen was barely on; no unusual wake activity and you can see that the device was idle for 6h 59m of the just over 7h it was on battery. Today I've had similar usage, just not keeping it in my pocket and the battery looks like this; This device is so baffling sometimes!
  7. I have been noticing that my battery life has been decreasing lately and I couldn't figure out what it was. It was still pretty decent but I noticed that my idle life wasn't as good as my first few days with the device. I noticed that the phone was staying awake a lot more often. I downloaded an app to help diagnose the problem but it never pointed me directly to the process that was keeping the device awake. Based on the screenshots below do any of you have an idea of what the problem could be? As you can see, of the 9hrs 46mins the device was on battery it was awake for almost 9hrs. My total screen on time for that period was about 1 hour. What do guys think? I also left my phone off the charger last night and finally experienced the SmartSync phenomenon. The battery savings were tremendous as the device used almost no battery once SmartSync kicked in.
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