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Found 4 results

  1. The title pretty much says it all. Sprint kinda sucks in my area (about 1 bar of 3G on my Nexus 5 outdoors; I can get 1 bar of LTE for a minute or so if I toggle airplane mode). So, I'm concerned about how good (or poor) the iPhone 6S or 6S+'s RF performance is. Any thoughts?
  2. I've been reporting eCSFB issues through eChat to Sprint for about a month now. My local market (Binghamton, NY) is generally B25 LTE complete, however triband phones cannot place or receive calls when connected to LTE. I've tested this on multiple phones, on multiple sites all around the area. I've provided them with site numbers, but all they come back with is that the upgrades are complete in my area and that they are sorry. We are not 1x800 accepted yet. Is 800 acceptance going to be what fixes these eCSFB issues? When I use my N5 in the Lehigh Valley market on 1x800 + LTE accepted sites, I can place and receive calls flawlessly when connected to LTE. So I know it's not the device. My local area has been like this since January - this means that pretty much every (triband) customer here hasn't been able to make or receive calls since then on the LTE sites. I find it hard to believe. Is it common that LTE accepted sites without 1x800 have these calling issues? Is a 1x800 acceptance really what will fix this eventually? (Not because it's 800, but because THEN the site will be fully upgraded?)
  3. Okay here is the deal. I am due for an upgrade and I have had my eye on the G2 to replace my OG. So I would like all opinions. I like my LGOG but the keyboard has been horrible at predictions and really horrible at auto correct. Are these things better on the G2 or the Flex or did you just end up purchasing Swype anyway. The G2 is cheap and the Flex is not bad either but for $40 more than the Flex I can get a Note3. Is the Flex worth the price you are paying Vs the G2 or the Note3? Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you Andrew
  4. Gizmodo says... And direct from Mr. Wimberly... It would be great if this is true and there's a version for Sprint (that's tri-band)... If it really is coming Q4 we should see FCC filings in the near future. This could also be a sign that Android 5 is coming down the pike.
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