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Found 9 results

  1. Sprint has apparently pulled the plug on its MVNO PrepaYd Wireless. Anyone here have any insight into what caused the dispute? Did PrepaYd just not pay their bill, or perhaps they were knowingly activating devices from Virgin Mobile or iPhones. That would perhaps explain the anti-trust allegation, rather than the more reasonable breach of contract, given the two were contracted parties. http://www.prepaidphonenews.com/2014/02/sprint-has-terminated-prepayd-wireless.html
  2. From the FireceWireless website: NetZero to ditch Verizon in favor of Sprint: http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/netzero-ditches-verizon-contract-will-launch-sprints-cdma-network/2014-01-15?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=internal Data Plans: The no-contract NetZero Sprint 3G plans break down as follows: Free: No monthly fees, data allotment of 200 MB per billing cycle. Free plan limited to 12 months only. Basic: $9.95 per month, 500 MB per billing cycle. Plus: $19.95 per month, 1 GB per billing cycle. Pro: $34.95 per month, 2 GB per billing cycle. Platinum: $49.95 per month, 4 GB per billing cycle.
  3. Another day, another MVNO on the Now Network. I hadn't heard of Scratch and didn't see anything about them in the forums. http://www.scratchwireless.com/ Looks like they are another wifi offloader using the Sprint Network as backup. They offer one phone currently and if you just use wifi there are no monthly costs. Old hardware, but they are going after tweens from the article. http://www.lightreading.com/spit-(service-provider-it)/policy-+-charging/touring-sprints-well-oiled-mvno-factory/d/d-id/706688 Something I found interesting from the bloggers comments down in the discussion. A Sprint spokesman says, "there is no preference for Sprint traffic over wholesale traffic ever. That goes for voice and data."
  4. I restarted my GS4 and got a weird screen trying to activate it on a service called zact. On the ##data# I was curious what the Itson option was for. Well I guess it was for Zact. Anyone try it before? It allows you to choose the data, text, minutes combo that fits you.
  5. http://allthingsd.com/20130605/freedompop-expands-its-free-service-to-voice/
  6. http://www.engadget.com/2013/08/06/textnow-isp-mobile-phone-service/
  7. "The Kansas-based carrier has announced that it would be allowing MVNOs to custom-brand select devices from Sprint’s line of Android phones. The first three phones in the program are the LG Optimus G, the LG Mach, and the Sprint Flash." http://phandroid.com/2013/03/20/sprint-mvno-phones/
  8. Just got a woot deal for Platinumtel, it looks like they are a Sprint MVNO. They have a $40 unlimited plan that includes texting to overseas for free and 4G. What do you know about them?:
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