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Found 6 results

  1. Sometimes when I receive call from people that are stored in my contacts there names don't show up just there number. This has been going on for 3 to 4 months now so, its not related to jelly bean which i'm not running. I do store all my contacts with the area code if this matters. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  2. So for the past couple of weeks my evolte (I like evolte over ltevo or evo lte cause it sounds like e-volt ha ha anyways...) has been randomly powering off and the only way I could get it to turn back on was to plug it into a genuine htc or samsung charger. Then it would take a few seconds to recognize it and the orange charge light would flicker real quick before fully coming on and I'd have to wait like 30 seconds before it would turn on. And then when powered back on it would repeat randomly. The last couple of days its gotten really bad to where I'd have to let it sit for an hour before it would even recognize the charger. It was a real pain! I thought maybe it was my power button cause it seemed to happen most often when I'd turn the screen off, but not always. So i decided to take it apart(warranty already void cause Im rooted and s-off with custom rom) plus no insurance on it. Taking the back cover off and then the screws for the inside cover plate out then the inside cover off and the phone would work. It wouldnt turn off for anything. But once put back together it would turn off. I figured out putting some pressure around the headphone jack would shut the phone right off and I'd be right back to square one with plugging it back in and hoping it would see the charger. So, I took it apart again and tried putting pressure around the headphone jack. It stayed on! Wouldnt turn off no matter what I tried. Put it back together again. Put some pressure around the headphone jack and it turned off right away. Very frustrated and irritated at this point. Took it apart again and it stayed on like before. So this time I put it back together only I didnt tighten the screws all the way tight. Maybe a turn or 2 loose. And it wont turn off anymore. Its only been like an hour since I did this, but maybe itll work and maybe help out someone else.
  3. Stumbled across this post on Android Central. Wanted to pass it along in the hopes that it might alleviate some of our LTE connection issues. http://forums.androi...d-me-least.html Best of luck! YMMV
  4. My daughter has an Iphone 5 and lives in Lawrence KS, where Sprint has LTE service. She called the other day and said her phone was only connecting 3G. Using my experience with the HTC EVO LTE and its connection issues, I told her to toggle the airplane mode. Eureka, it immediately connected to 4G. Seems like the connection algorithm is not perfect on the Iphone 5 either.
  5. Is there someone in MEMPHIS that can s-off my LTEVO.... PLEASE. S-on is killing me! I don't have a pc OR TGE RESOURCES/KNOWLEDGE to do this myself. I'm a complete NOOB on s-off... And I'm too stupid to follow the guide correctly. Can someone please just help me? I've held hboot 1.5 as long as I can stand!
  6. Is there a way on the HTC EVO LTE to lock the volume so it cah't be changed when the phone is locked? I can't stand it when I change the volume without realizing it while the phone is locked. Most of the time it is to silent and I don't realize I'm getting a call.
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