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Found 5 results

  1. by Jeff Foster Sprint 4G Rollout Updates Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 7:46 PM MST Since last fall, there had been talk of a Samsung Galaxy Nexus launching on American carriers other than Big Red. Sprint has finally announced several weeks ago that it is the another vendor slated for release in the U.S. Suffice to say, many of us out there, especially those adverse to heading to Verizon and paying its premium prices, are excited about the impending release. The good news is that Google could be working on an updated version of the Galaxy Nexus. It has unofficially been dubbed the Galaxy Nexus Plus. There is much anticipation that it will be released before Sprint turns on LTE this summer. It’s not the first time an OEM has refreshed a device and re-released it to the market place, which works to our advantage. It’s rumored that the new Galaxy Nexus will have either a 1.5 or 1.8 GHz Texas Instrument OMAP4670 dual core processor. This would be a significant upgrade from the 1.2 GHz dual core processor found in the current Verizon version. We don’t know anything about official specs, but it’s also rumored to have an 8 MP camera. This is a noteworthy upgrade to the 5 MP shooter on the Verizon model (which has been lauded by many techies). We already know that the Sprint model will come installed with Google Wallet, per previous announcements. Some rumors also point to a beefier battery as well. The phone should have all the other features that’s on the current Galaxy Nexus, so now all we have to do is wait. Source: http://androidandme....era-on-the-way/
  2. I had my first out of town travel over the weekend and here is something that I noticed while being in multiple different cities. Firstly let me state that I have a Galaxy Nexus and can only get LTE on band 25. My home city is Washington DC does not officially have LTE. LTE is around town, mostly in NE and SE with some cells interspersed throughout. My old phone was a Photon 4G and WiMax coverage is pretty solid in DC. At my home, I am pretty sure the building next to mine has the WiMax antennas on the roof; however, I cannot connect to LTE. I can force my phone in LTE only and pick up the LTE signal, I just cannot get any data on it to transfer, way to low dBm. When I do get LTE in DC, I noticed that the signal must be very strong for it to switch from 3g to LTE. Even sometimes with a sub 85dBA signal I can get bumped back to 3G. This is different from what I noticed over the weekend. While in Pittsburgh, my phone was almost always connected to LTE. It even stayed connected to LTE with on bare and a 140dBa signal. My data transfer speeds dropped of significantly, but I still had LTE. I noticed that both cities have not officially launched at LTE markets as of July 4, 2014. I just wonder why there is such a difference. Clearly it seems that Pittsburgh is further along in its deployment. But why can you stay on LTE in Pittsburgh, while in DC it wants to kick you for almost any reason? Could it be because of the different hardware that is being deployed? Thanks for any thoughts or shared experiences.
  3. I have no Sprint service in my apartment. I have an Airave and a Galaxy Nexus. My Airave is dropping the call 5-15 minutes in almost without fail. Voice not broken at all (very clear and loud in fact) until the call is about to drop, then the other party gets very broken and difficult to understand until finally the call drops. I have called Sprint and they haven't been much help. I have 20Mbps service through TWC so I hesitate to lay blame on my ISP. They can't provide 20Mbps reliably, but I do get 10-15Mbps down and 1-1.5 Mbps up reliably even during peak times. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can try to solve this problem? Calls drop every time I use my Airave, MMSs often show "Downloading" until I get down the road onto Sprint towers, and sometimes (though not always) callers are given a busy signal or go straight to voicemail when calling me. Also, texts can be delayed. Should I demand Sprint replace my Airave? Galaxy Nexus? Should I give TWC the blame? I am really at a loss, but if it continues I will pay the ETF to switch to another provider, very reluctantly. I want unlimited data with LTE, and Sprint is lighting up LTE and much improved 3G here in the Raleigh area. Does anyone else have these issues with an Airave? What can I try? Thanks for any insight!
  4. Hey guys, I saw a question about this SOMEWHERE on this forum, I'm too lazy to research. On my galaxy nexus, an option does appear for HD in youtube (if available on that particular video). It worked great, I watched some movie trailers in HD. So there it is.
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