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Found 1 result

  1. I see threads for individual cell phone models, but what features on a new model cell phone would push your buttons to run and get a new phone? Good call quality and a good receiver that will maximize reception rate are at the top of the list. Hopefully better transmission rates and no dropped calls would be the benefit.. Same for dependable GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with good refresh rates. A comfortable screen and cell phone size. If they get much bigger, they will be more like tablets. Too bulky to carry around as we do today. I also want: Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. Preferably native, but upgradable before I leave the store will do.. Preferably fewer built-in apps that I have absolutely no use for - my big hang-up is Android 4.x will not allow me to delete certain apps and keeps them running with no valid way to turn them off and keep them turned off. They eat the battery life and CPU resources. Tri-Band Spark capable. Wi-Fi (all bands versions including at least ac dual band. I have one cell phone no longer in use that works on 5 GHz instead of 2.4 GHz. Long life battery Ability to change the battery externally - A spare battery has saved my bacon more than once. Removable Super Class 10 Mini-SD card capable. up to 64 Gig or more would be nice. Rechargeable - latest technology Email and SMS text. A good camera that has a fast shutter rate or better yet a controllable shutter rate. I am tired of cell phones that make blurry photos because the shutter rate is too slow. I want an autofocus that works dependably .Personally I am not so interested in making videos. My sister on the other hand likes to video sports events. We both want a decent zoom ability. I guarantee you I have forgotten something. I always figure that out after I leave the store with the new cell phone when I try to do something that I was able to do on the old cell phone that I just replaced. What would pull our your wallet to get in terms of features and capabilities?
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