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Found 2 results

  1. Odell

    EVO LTE Heat

    The only thing that is really starting to bother me about this new phone is the heat issue. It appears as if the radios are getting extremely hot, especially when reception is low. I had the same reception issues with my old Evo but never the accompanying heat. Sprint reception (voice and data) at my home is spotty at best. I normally keep my Wi-Fi radio enabled so when I get home it automatically connects. Yesterday I turned the WiFi radio off at work to test something and never turned it back on. I got home and started doing several things around the house and never even took the phone out of my pocket. After about an hour I reached into my pocket to grab the phone and it was HOT! It was hotter than I've ever experienced in a phone and it was centered under the glossy portion of the backplate. My battery temp widget was reporting over 42C. I immediately tried to shut the device down and it was really unresponsive. Of course I couldn't do a battery pull but I finally got it off and left it off for a couple hours. Everything seems back to normal. But I do notice greatly increased heat if I am in spotty coverage. I also notice it if I am taking several pictures in a row or shooting video that immediately uploads to my Dropbox. Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?
  2. Odell

    Evo LTE staying awake

    I have been noticing that my battery life has been decreasing lately and I couldn't figure out what it was. It was still pretty decent but I noticed that my idle life wasn't as good as my first few days with the device. I noticed that the phone was staying awake a lot more often. I downloaded an app to help diagnose the problem but it never pointed me directly to the process that was keeping the device awake. Based on the screenshots below do any of you have an idea of what the problem could be? As you can see, of the 9hrs 46mins the device was on battery it was awake for almost 9hrs. My total screen on time for that period was about 1 hour. What do guys think? I also left my phone off the charger last night and finally experienced the SmartSync phenomenon. The battery savings were tremendous as the device used almost no battery once SmartSync kicked in.
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