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Found 10 results

  1. Sprint Airave page with Getting Started Guide, User Guide, Tutorials and FAQ's. You can request one by calling either 866-556-7310 or 844-463-3194
  2. I'm stuck having to use an Airave in my apartment because ever since my landlord moved in downstairs and did major renovations, we've not been able to get much if any Sprint signal up here. I hate it because it's 3G only. Is there any chance Sprint will get it together and offer an LTE Airave? I'm guessing not, but it would be cool if they did.
  3. Hello all, I have a question about my sprint airave. The closest tower to my house is approximately 4 miles away if I'm correct. So what I'm wondering is when this tower is eventually upgraded to 4G, will my phone be able to connect to it? Or will my airave being a stronger signal override the 4G signal? Side question: are 4G signals stronger or weaker than 3G signals necessarily? Thanks for any insight you guys can supply
  4. Hey all cant find anything searching the Forums. So I am wondering if someone can help me out here. I currently have a Belkin N750 DB Wifi Dual Band N+ Gigabit Router and an Airave unit. Both units are right next to each other. My home is about 1500sf ft. Using both bands on the router; 2.5ghz and 5ghz. Since PCS is at 1900 I am correct to assume this is close to 2.5gbs aka 2500? During they day my wireless signal drops to just about nothing that is usable by my TIVO, Note2, Sony 3100 BluRay Player or Wii etc etc etc. How likelly is it that the 2 units are severely interfering with each other? What distance should I place one from the other? Thanks for the feedback. @l3x
  5. So as we all know Sprint offers the Airave devices to help in-home coverage issues. It requires a high-speed Internet connection and creates a miniature cell site inside your home (femtocell). Sprint has offered these for free or deeply discounted for quite a while to customers with little to no coverage in their home. The requirements for determining eligibility have changed according to what I've heard. There hasn't been an official communication to retail employees as we don't deal with Airaves directly, so do take it with a grain of salt, and remember it can change again at any time. This information comes from a conversation with a member on the Airave team that determines customer eligibility to assist our store in providing accurate information to our customers that we refer to their team for coverage issues. To be eligible for a FREE Airave, the account must have 4+ active lines. Otherwise, the account is eligible for purchasing the Airave at full retail price ($280), or with a 2-year contract commitment for a discounted price ($130). My assumption is that since Network Vision is ramping up to full speed and should be completed within the next year or so, the increase in coverage availability from the 800MHz deployment and enhanced capability of the new equipment in general is anticipated to remove the need for Airave devices for most customers.
  6. Hello, just letting you guys know that I did my reset for my airave today and it is using a different set of channels for zip 15235 in Pittsburgh, PA. Before, it used 75 and 225, and after the reset it now uses 100 and 150. This may be a response to the users who have had issues with the NV upgrade locally affecting the airave. Reset yours today and find out!
  7. Yep, so I am a newbie, and have a question. My life and business depends on the Airave in many ways. I live within an 8 block radius of the NOCC for Sprint (National Operations Control Center) and have had horrible prob's in the past. With the Airave and my Blackberry Tour 3G, all has gone well over the last 3 years. Been with Sprint since '98, and have heard the downfalls of buying out contract as well as other carriers and their nightmares. So I would like to stay put. My question: If you have experienced or know someone who has recent experience like mine above, what would be the best phone and phone setup to use without staying with BlackBerry? Thanks, but after a lot of research, I am pretty much done with BB, I don't think there is a way in the world they are going to be able to rebound but that's just my opinion. I have been considering the HTC EVO 4G LTE.
  8. I have no Sprint service in my apartment. I have an Airave and a Galaxy Nexus. My Airave is dropping the call 5-15 minutes in almost without fail. Voice not broken at all (very clear and loud in fact) until the call is about to drop, then the other party gets very broken and difficult to understand until finally the call drops. I have called Sprint and they haven't been much help. I have 20Mbps service through TWC so I hesitate to lay blame on my ISP. They can't provide 20Mbps reliably, but I do get 10-15Mbps down and 1-1.5 Mbps up reliably even during peak times. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can try to solve this problem? Calls drop every time I use my Airave, MMSs often show "Downloading" until I get down the road onto Sprint towers, and sometimes (though not always) callers are given a busy signal or go straight to voicemail when calling me. Also, texts can be delayed. Should I demand Sprint replace my Airave? Galaxy Nexus? Should I give TWC the blame? I am really at a loss, but if it continues I will pay the ETF to switch to another provider, very reluctantly. I want unlimited data with LTE, and Sprint is lighting up LTE and much improved 3G here in the Raleigh area. Does anyone else have these issues with an Airave? What can I try? Thanks for any insight!
  9. Anyone else having issues with texts going thru on airave's with evo lte?
  10. So, after having my Gs3 for a couple months, and the wife has had her Gs3 since September as well, we're both seeing a few "quirks" with the GS3 working properly with the Airvana femtocell. I finally broke down and called Sprint today, and after a 41 minute conversation with tech, they are going to send out the Airave 2.5 (the newest one that came out in ??June?? or so). I just got this one last year around Feb 2011, when they introduced the 3G version...so maybe this will fix the problems I've been seeing lately (like the same text message being received like 10 times, or someone receiving the same text msg like 10 times...but you only hit send once). The last straw was when I tried to make a call today, got the 3 beeps, and the person answered the phone but it sounded like a cell phone from 1998 in a bad roaming area. I could barely hear "he___ wh__ --- hu ---- th---- he---- bl---- " and I just hung up. Got mad and unplugged the thing, made same phone call again and (while roaming) I heard him fine. It wouldn't bother me much if the calls were just "hey how are ya" type things, but I run an at-home computer repair business, and this happened to be a business owner that I do thousands per year in computer work for....I need to hear what he's saying. Anyone seen, or had any experience with the new Airave? halcyoncmdr have you heard anything about them?? Hope they don't have the issues this one has seen. (the tech even pushed an update to it, but still decided to send one out anyway)...
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