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Found 45 results

  1. MacinJosh

    iPhone XS Thread

    iPhone XS and XS Max are Apple's newest flagship phones, and the successors to Apple's 2017 iPhone X. They have the new A12 Bionic chip, improved cameras and faster FaceID, and come in a beautiful Gold Stainless Steel finish in addition to the Silver & Space Gray options. They are available in the same 5.8" Super Retina display as with the X, and the bigger 6.5" Super Retina. They are available in 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB configurations. Apple added Dual SIM technology to the 2018 iPhone's, with one physical SIM, and one eSIM. (eSIM feature not currently supported by Sprint, but is said to be coming later). These phones also feature IP68 water-resistance (iPhone X was IP67) which gives you protection in water for up to 30 minutes in up to 2m of water.
  2. danlodish345

    ipad 9.7 inch 2017 edition thread

    hello i am here to start a htread for the ipad 9.7 inch 2017 edition
  3. MacinJosh

    iPhone 7/7 Plus Rumor Thread

    As the rumors are heating up about Apple's next Flagship, it's time for a rumor thread. Post everything relevant about the iPhone 7 in this topic.
  4. http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/report-apple-will-accept-android-blackberry-smartphones-new-iphone-trade-pr/2015-03-17 This came up in my Sprint feed of articles. Not only do I think this is a smart move on Apple's part, but Brightstar is all over the place helping move these phones around the world.
  5. anthony.spina97

    iPhone 5 User Thread

    So, we all know about the lovely iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus User thread, and there are many different device focused threads across S4GRU, but there are none for us older iPhone users. So, why should they get to have all the fun? This thread is dedicated to anything and everything about our beautiful (Spark-less) iPhone 5's and 5S's. Discuss anything like jailbreaks, hardware problems, how much you love your device, how great it is to have at least one LTE band compared to the folks who still have 4's and 4S's, ask questions and maybe you can get some answers, etc. etc. Discuss! -Anthony
  6. burnout8488

    Apple iPad Air 2 Owners Thread

    Share your experiences! Just ordered my cellular model from Best Buy as soon as "Add to Cart" became available on their website this morning. Should be at my store later this week. What's everyone seeing as far as Sprint plan options on the cellular model? Screenshots?
  7. It would be nice if something similar to this would be an option for phone service for everyone that uses multiple providers. http://www.apple.com/ipad-air-2/wireless/ See the "One sim. Many options." section.
  8. nobius

    iOS 8 Released

    Needed almost 7 GB free (ouch) to download it. Downloading now...
  9. sbolen

    iPhone 6 omnibus thread

    Above: a mockup of an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 (4.7"), iPhone 6 (5.5"), and Current iPad Mini All aboard the leaked parts rumor train! Here's a thread to post what you find/what's leaked, etc. As more details come forward closer to launch, I'll edit/update this post with the relevant information and link it to replies to this topic. I think it would be a lot easier to contain everything relating to the new iPhone 6 ("iPhone Air"?) in one central location. iPhone 6 Omnibus Thread Topics iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display TSMC is shipping A series processors to apple using their 20nm process Nerds rejoice! Re/code has learned that Apple has set a media event for September 9th
  10. As of this posting, we're 22 hours, 10 minutes away from the WWDC keynote. Here's a thread to talk about all the rumors leading up to the keynote, and then talk about the stuff they actually announce (which will probably be pretty disappointing to Wall Street and Blogs that were hoping for new hardware announcements).
  11. jeremyvbk

    Apple buying Beats

    So what is everyone's reaction to apple buying beats?
  12. Discovered this a few minutes ago: http://news.yahoo.com/apple-hold-massive-sale-iphone-5s-iphone-5c-134423705.html
  13. illest_ios

    my iphone bent (wtf)

    so i went to apple today and had my iphone warrentied because it got bent... how does that happen!? lol has anyone heard of this or had this issue? apple was cool about it and swapped it out for a new one though
  14. Linky "We still have a lot to cover" is what the invite (picture below) says. New iPad 5 is expected, but people aren't sure about whether the iPad mini will go Retina or not. Updated desktop Macs are also likely. I personally hope that the iPad mini goes Retina and that it and the regular iPad both get Touch ID.
  15. Via TUAW's article on Apple's relationship (or lack thereof) with China Mobile: We'll know for sure in 26 days, but it's fun to think about the iPhone 5S/5C being true global smartphones, capable of running on multiple bands -- and especially fun to think about the possibility of a tri-band device for us to play with on the new Sprint Network.
  16. Pretty cool accessibility feature that was Android-first, now on iOS:
  17. BGR is either really full of it, or on to something, citing a user on Weibo: iPhone 5S: New leaked photos, purported full specs point to biggest ‘S’ upgrade ever I can't wait to upgrade my 4S, if anything, for the better battery. After 18 months, I can barely keep a charge past noon.
  18. Get it while you can if you're an iOS user. Universal app for iPhone and iPad. http://appshopper.com/social-networking/tapatalk It's the original version 1, but that's still the one I use.
  19. Vicente_Navarro

    iOS 7

    Just wondering what are your guy's thoughts on Apple's iOS 7 announcement this morning? I'm pretty excited
  20. Abyss19707

    iOS 7 UDID Registration

    Sorry to announce but I am no longer doing UDID activations. I sold quite a few activations on here and was happy to help you all get updated. I may be back soon with more UDID activation opportunities so keep your eyes posted on the forums.
  21. Some pretty nice changes to iOS. Airdrop looks pretty useful for sharing photos with nearby friends. I like the improved integration between Maps and Calendar and being able to add travel time quickly to an event. The app drawer from dragging from the bottom. About freaking time! I missed being able to quickly turn on/off wifi/bt from my Android days. iTunes Radio looks like a Pandora/Spotify killer. Plus there are zero ads if you are a iTunes Match subscriber. Looking forward to the Fall. Glad it supports iPhone 4 and up and iPad 2 and up.
  22. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/06/t-mobile-iphone-apple-ipad_n_2250966.html Not surprising that Tmo finally took a bit of the apple.
  23. Apple adds Samsung's Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1 to ongoing patent lawsuit http://www.engadget.com/2012/08/31/apple-samsung-galaxy-s-iii-galaxy-note-patent-lawsuit/
  24. HappyHappy

    Samsung vs. Apple

    http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/05/apple-patent-fight-with-samsung-spills-some-iphone-and-ipad-secrets-disruptions/ Saw this in the news today and it is just sad that Apple is trying everything to get rid of competition in the market. Seems to me that Apple is falling and Samsung is dominating in the new era. Just feel that if Apple succeeds in suing Samsung then Sony will sue Apple for everything that Apple is. ' Childish act of Apple. Apple does not literally mean everything, it is a democratic country and stop bragging about the design. Wish iphone 5 is a bit curvy so Samsung can sue Apple for stealing its design. Honestly, I think lets have a fair competition in the market. Apple is great but I have to admit Samsung is doing whole lot better in the market in recent years. Apple's image is getting torn because of this.... SAD!!!!!!!
  25. I thought this was the best and funniest thing in a while. Jerimiah Yap – Fourth Estate Cooperative Writer London, United Kingdom (4E) – Samsung is waiting for Apple’s apology. A UK judge ruled that Apple Inc. apologize to Samsung by publishing a notice online and in print informing the public that Samsung did not copy the iPad from Apple. Apple must do this on their UK website and in British newspapers. You can read the rest of it here http://gantdaily.com/2012/07/19/uk-judge-rules-that-apple-must-publicly-apologize-to-samsung/