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Found 179 results

  1. Now that T-Mobile is close to closing a deal with Metro PCS what does that mean for Sprint. Will they have to purchase U.S Cellular or could they still buy out T-Mobile?
  2. BenChase7

    Sprint iPad

    Will there be an iPad that runs on Sprint's network? This article from cnet suggests it is on the way. http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-20106099-94/sprint-to-get-its-own-ipad-2-report-says/?fb_ref=fbrecT&fb_source=profile_multiline
  3. Seems like everybody who preordered their iPhone 5's from sprint.com hasn't gotten a tracking number yet. I'm watching my email very closely in anticipation... If you received a confirmation/tracking number, say something!
  4. Does anyone know how Sprint and VZW is doing in Pre-Order Sales? AT&T: http://www.macrumors.com/2012/09/17/iphone-5-pre-orders-set-new-sales-record-for-att/ http://www.macrumors.com/2012/09/17/apple-announces-over-two-million-iphone-5-pre-orders/
  5. Since today is the first official day that the iPhone 5 has been released. Do y'all think the iPhone 4S is still at good buy for 100 bucks? What do you guys think? Since LTE is still rolling out, it will take sometime for people to really see what LTE is about......
  6. This probably isn't new topic worthy but, can someone please explain to me what LTE Advanced is and what'll happen when the LTE Advanced network goes live? Will our current LTE phones be able to benefit from this?
  7. So, I live in central Alabama...I'm probably somewhere around half the distance between Birmingham, and Montgomery...two cities that I'm SURE will get 4G due to their size and population..but as for my area, I can't really say. I live on the south end of the county, but twice a year the north end of the county becomes the 2nd largest population-wise due to the Nascar track...(for those still wondering, I live near Talladega Superspeedway, but this is still a good 20 miles from me on the opposite end of the county)... I don't know if they'll light-up this county due to it's affiliation with Nascar or not, and if they do, then it probably STILL won't affect me because of my distance from the track (zip = 35150). With 4G being more than likely destined to come to Bham and Mont...I guess we'll have to deal with 3G Advanced here?? Question is, what exactly is the 3G advanced..and does this advanced 3G mean that eventually 4G will be present? I thought they said that every that was within a Sprint 3G area right now would be getting a 4G signal when they finish the roll-out/deployment...or am I wrong in that?
  8. Title says it all. http://phandroid.com/2012/08/14/purchase-a-smartphone-online-from-sprint-get-a-100-amex-gift-card-through-826/
  9. after seeing some of the photos of some of the towers out there and knowing what mine looks like I figured I'd post up a few shots of mine since i can get pretty close to it. Mine(crown castle site)personally looks like its used by everyone under the sun, but also is one of few ive seen that has old looking semi buildings next to it... Tower has WiMax and had it for a long long long time ever since I bought the EVO4G on launch day, though i didn't see anything marked "Clearwire".... If you save this pic and zoom in it looks like a complete cluster fk up there. lol This one you can see the ATT cabinet there on the left there are 2 of those. Heres a view of the 2 sprint cabinets with much less branding on them compared to the ATT ones... here is the only marking on the cabinet..."Site ID: RA03XC040" And here I thought this was funny. "SPRINT" labled on these two posts here at the top of the hill...Can only think this is for the future "band-aid" T1 lines run thats supposed to be done by next month.... I noticed no microwave radome's here so whenever NV rollout comes through my area it will be very interesting to see how this changes if there is a fiber run tot he tower or if they add the first radome to it... Whats funny is that even though I can see the tower shown above from my house as its within about 0.7mi but sometimes I end up picking up this lil tower here thats about double the distance away... both spit out the same sub 300kbps EVDO speeds during the day if that at all...lol, NV cant come any sooner!! :)
  10. How is the current iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S preforming on the Now Network? Also, how is the sales on the phone Jan. 2012 - Current
  11. FreedomPop announced today that they now have an agreement with Sprint to use their 3G and LTE network. They will initially launch using Clearwire's WiMax network. By the end of the year FreedomPop will start deploying sleeves with Sprint's 3G and LTE support. In 2013 FreedomPop will stop using Clearwire's network for Sprint's but may go back to Clearwire for extra capacity. For more info go to the following link: http://gigaom.com/mobile/mvno-freedompop-swaps-clearwires-wimax-for-sprints-lte/
  12. Today I was able to test a Verizon LTE Rezound and the Sprint LTE EVO from the same location. Here is the results: Sprint Download: 6065kbps Upload: 6599kpbs Ping: 62ms Verizon Download: 10867kbps Upload: 3907kbps Ping: 117ms
  13. I know Sprint is the only carrier where we have (to my knowledge) information about which vendor is handling what part of their network, but I'm curious as to whether Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile have similarly regionalized their next-gen network deployments. For reference, here's who's building out networks for the Big Four, plus C-Spire and MetroPCS (since we now who they're using to roll out LTE): Verizon - Ericsson, AlcaLu, NSN AT&T - Ericsson, AlcaLu Sprint - Ericsson, AlcaLu, Samsung T-Mobile - Ericsson, NSN MetroPCS - Ericsson, Samsung C-Spire - AlcaLu AlcaLu = Alcatel-Lucent NSN = Nokia Siemens Networks ...and yes, Ericsson is really busy rolling out LTE, it seems.
  14. Just wondering, Is a tower that connects eHRPD already upgraded?
  15. I might be flying to ATL to go FL and I was wondering does anyone know if 3G is usable there cause I might have a layover for 4hrs and i know that at ATL you have to pay for wifi and that they also have DAS to help coverage inside the airport. But if im going to stay there that long i at least want to be able to watch movies over 3g or i could go to Charlotte and they have free wifi. So if anyone has been to the airport their recently can you tell me how fast 3g is there. Thanks
  16. http://www.theverge.com/2012/7/8/3145295/nokia-lumia-sprint-verizon-pureview-richard-kerris According to The Verge, there are windows phones coming to Sprint. And "Microsoft just announced four special hardware partners for Windows Phone 8 — Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, and HTC will have Windows Phone 8 devices running on "next generation silicon" from Qualcomm." http://www.theverge.com/2012/6/20/3101742/nokia-samsung-htc-and-huawei-will-have-first-windows-phone-8-devices I'm going to be waiting forever to upgrade! Was trying to decide between the GNEX vs the Galaxy S3 vs waiting for the next Nexus and now this is thrown into the mix!
  17. Just in case anyone is porting their number to Sprint from another carrier.. Dont miss out on this deal. "$100 Port-in Offer: Offer ends: 6/30/2012. $100 port-in credit for HTC EVO™ 4G LTE and Samsung Galaxy S™ II, Epic™ 4G Touch. Requires port-in from an active wireless line/mobile number or landline/number that comes through the port process to a new-line on an eligible Sprint service plan. Ported new-line activation must remain active with Sprint for 30 days to receive full service credit. You should continue paying your bill while waiting for your service credit to avoid service disruption and possible credit delay. Offer excludes Nextel Direct Connect devices, upgrades, replacements, and ports made between Sprint entities or providers associated with Sprint (i.e., Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, Common Cents Mobile and Assurance), telephone numbers active on Sprint within the previous 60 days all Corporate-liable, all plans less than $10, and $19.99 Tablet plans. Not combinable with other offers. Port-in Payment Expectations: Service credit will appear in adjustment summary section at account level on invoice and will appear as a $100 PORT IN CREDIT OFFER." -Sprint.com
  18. http://mobilesociety.typepad.com/mobile_life/2012/06/spring-lte-1900.html - Sprint, Spectrum Holdings, PCS 1900 MHz, LTE and Network Sharing Nothing really new here, but I like reading his blog articles and analysis about the wireless industy worldwide. Pretty cool to see your articles getting more coverage. More proof S4GRU is the premier source for Sprint news and analysis.
  19. This rage comic was made for entertainment purposes only and should be taken as a joke. Enjoy ragecomic by xXraYmaN717Xx, on Flickr
  20. So today 6/22/12 1:30pm i called sprint to see if they have more info on not only LTE but also the way slow 3g speeds in and around the dfw metroplex. Now before i start i have the galaxy nexus and the iphone 4s as a work phone avrg. speed tests on 3g with the nexus is normally around 600kbps or less up and 150kbps or less down and the 4s is normally around 1200kbps down and 400kbps up and these are side by side results. Now back to my phone call with sprint. so i started with LTE questions i asked when the switch was going to be turned on in dfw because when i purchased the 4s back in January they (sprint customer service) said that LTE was coming in early spring to dfw and when i purchased the nexus in may they said sometime in mid year across Texas but DEFFINATLY in june for dfw i was assured. Now they are saying that it wont be till october-november for dfw says sprint customer service tier3 and that even the the reception will be mostly in the downtown dfw/ftworth areas and not till beginning of 2013 will we see reception all through dfw metroplex. Then they asked me why i was so upset about this news because they said i dont own a lte phone so this doesnt affect me . WOW!!!!!!!!! I said well i have a samsung galaxy nexus the person proceeded to tell me that this is not a lte phone its 3G ONLY..... oh boy i said well the box, the about phone in the phone settings, the sprint website, and the rep who sold it to me says CDMA/LTE!!! He still said but the phone is not lte supported and we went back and forth for about 20 min and he (sprint tier3 customer service) and the person i was forwarded to his supervisor i assume tier4 say and i quote "THE SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS IS NOT SUPPORTED BY LTE IT IS A 3G ONLY DEVICE" so ended up being offered a full refund and a new upgrade free and they are overnighting me the Samsung galaxy SIII 32g at no charge the day it comes out for the inconvenience....................... so i now have questions!!!!!!!!!!! Is the Nexus really not supported by lte even though all documents say so? Is lte really been pushed back again to fall for dfw? Is the reception really supposed to only be in downtown areas till 2013? And lastly are sprint customer service agents brain damaged?!?!?!
  21. So my question is in the future is it going to be possible to for sprint to make LTE on their 1900mhz spectrum when of course everyone switches from 3g devices to 4g LTE devices and have a lot of spectrum left after their evdo carriers are getting hammered anymore?
  22. So i work for Sprint as a Retail Consultant. And wanted to see everyone thoughts on what the next "Flagship" phone might be. Every time Sprint launches a "Flagship" Device a rep in every corporate store is chosen to be the advocate for the new device about a month before it launches. For example i was told about a month ago that I would be the Advocate for the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Sprint never has an advocate for a device that is nothing to new or exciting. Well today at work we got word from Sprint that our store is to choose an advocate for a new device that will be coming real soon. Only problem is they didn't say for what device. This never happens. so what is it going to be? thoughts?
  23. So...I'm impatient. Just got off the phone with Sprint and "bought out" my upgrade eligibility from 8/1/12 to today, for $45. So, barring issues with my "SERO Premium" plan (I paid $10 more per month starting 10/1/10 in order to be able to use an Android device, plus another $10 for premium data, over the old $30 rate), I should be able to preorder a lovely blue 32GB Galaxy SIII later on today. Yes, I could have waited until the phone is actually out to buy out my eligibility, or waited a month and a half beyond that and gotten my upgrade without paying a buyout fee. But, the way I figure, preordering the phone now will ensure that I get it as soon as Sprint possibly can send it (barring customs disputes, a la Evo 4G LTE). I'll also have that much less usage on the replacement OG Epic that I got yesterday, potentially increasing resale value enough to offset the $45. Anyway, has anyone else checked out early-buyout opportunities in order to get an LTE phone soon and (relatively) cheaply? How long did you have before normal upgrade eligibility, and how much was the charge to move it up? Did you take it? Which phone are you going to grab with the newfound upgrade ability? Oh, and if anyone wants a very gently used, albeit likely refurbished, OG Epic on or about 6/21, drop me a PM. A reasonable offer that's better than what I could get from Sprint is very likely to be accepted I'll even pre-root and install a custom ROM on it if you'd like (it's running stock Gingerbread for the moment).
  24. Since there isn't any updates on Sprint's site. When is the official date that 4G LTE will be live, and unlocked for customers?
  25. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1694658 thread over here has some interesting things going on. Some people that have bought the LTE show an upgrade for 6/1/13...only 1yr away form the recent purchase....some sero-p ppl and some old premier customers using their last premier upgrade on the LTE, but its not consistent cross the board as some sero-p ppl show '14 as next upgarde...
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