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Found 179 results

  1. Well, as i have gotten a galaxy nexus at long last, ive noticed that other sprint phones have been constantly getting better signal than my phone has. For example, when i went to the sprint store, my phone varies from 1-2 bars in the store. When i would go over to any other sprint phones, they would have at least 3-5 bars. And this was more than just one different sprint phone that did it, it was every phone in the store that had a better signal than mine, except for the galaxy nexus at the store. It had the same signal strength as mine did.. Radio issue possibly??
  2. "Sprint customers who opted against device insurance and are now regretting their decision have a small window of opportunity to right their wrongs: during the month of March, Sprint is offering open enrollment for device protection, regardless of when the device was purchased." http://www.pocketables.com/2013/03/sprint-offers-open-enrollment-for-device-protection-in-march.html
  3. While commuting to work this morning on MetroNorth, the railroad put a copy of their monthly newsletter on all the seats. Interestingly enough, they officially stated that cell service is coming to the Park Avenue tunnel. This tunnel is the main artery between Grand Central and the outdoor world, and all MetroNorth trains travel through it. Interestingly enough, the big carriers have contracted Ericsson to provide the cell coverage throughout the tunnel and public WiFi in the terminal. AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, and Verizon are all funding the project and it will take up to two years to complete. This announcement will soon be posted on MTA.info under the MetroNorth Mileposts section, but I was able to find an earlier report here: http://gothamist.com...g_to_grand.php Will this be a good thing for commuters or will it turn out to be annoying with people screaming "I'm in the tunnel can you hear me?" into their phones? Only time will tell!
  4. According to an article on bgr.com the evo lte is not one of the top smartphones that Sprint sales in 2012. 1. S3 2. Iphone5 3. LG Optumus G 4. Note II 5. Nexus http://bgr.com/2012/12/06/best-smartphones-of-2012-sprint/
  5. Saw this over on pocketables.com http://www.pocketabl...amily-plan.html
  6. So I was browsing the forums and I did not see a thread that kept track of the LTE speeds people were getting. Id post an LTE speedtest if I got it in my area, but sadly I do not. So post away guys, and lets see just how fast sprint is becoming!
  7. First planned post of www.rcrproductions.org: Why LTE devices struggle with decent battery life: Phones today are becoming more and more vital to our daily life. Sending emails, surfing the web, or staying connected to loved ones, we just could not live without them. As carriers advance with their network technology, phones must keep up, right? Companies such as Verizon, Sprint, as well as AT&T are currently busy deploying their new 4G LTE networks. As these new networks are developed, phones have been made with LTE radios designed to operate on these networks, but many notice when connected to LTE, the battery life of the device is not as pretty as the speed of the network is. So many wonder, why does LTE drain so much battery? The main reason why LTE eats your battery: It all has to do with the function of the LTE radios. For now, most mobile service providers have not fully developed a technology called vOLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution). This technology allows voice related data to be transfered over the LTE network, instead of the fallback network(Usually with CDMA networks, or another sub network). Because this technology has not been fully developed, and deployed at the current time, phones are forced into a mode called "Active Dual Mode Operation". This mode forces the device to connect to a CDMA network, while connected to a LTE network.(CDMA networks used in this example belong to sprint, and verizon.) Since voice data can not be transfered over the LTE network, it is forced to be transfered only over the CDMA network, while only data is transmitted through the LTE network. Because two constant connections are being made at one time by the radios, this draws much more power from the device. If vOLTE technology were developed, battery life in some devices may increase when connected to the LTE network, since the radios would only have to be connected to one network to transmit both voice and data. The best way to avoid excessive battery drain in LTE devices: This is much simpiler than it may seem, but the fact is that most devices will prioritize a better network over a worse network. LTE networks are much faster than 3G networks, so the first signal a LTE device will search for is LTE. If an LTE signal is not present, the device will constantly continue to search for the network until it can successfully connect. This of course deteriorates battery life. The best recommendation is to not have LTE turned on in the settings of the device, if an LTE network has not yet been deployed in the area. Conclusion: As explained, LTE devices are the new face to a better and brighter networking experience. Some wondered why LTE devices draw more power when connected to an LTE network. The easiest answer to this: With some benifits, comes not as expected perfect results.
  8. I came across an interesting article at http://www.gottabemo...phone-5-models/. It talks about the CDMA version of the IPhone 5. But it turns out that the IPhone 5 may start a big change in the future of LTE roaming. With the GSM version of the IPhone, which can operate on AT&T`s LTE network, and if the proper roaming agreements are signed, it can roam on Canada`s 4G LTE networks, but not possible yet as an agreement has not been reached. This being said, it turns out that the CDMA IPhone 5 is more compatible with LTE networks around the country. As of now, LTE roaming on verizon if you have a sprint phone is not possible, since Verizon runs their LTE on the 700Mhz spectrum, and Sprint is currently running their LTE on the 1900Mhz spectrum. But with the IPhone 5 already supporting other countries` LTE networks, I think in my opinion that Sprint may consider this in the future, but the cost that it would be to roam on other carrier`s LTE would cost sprint a bundle of money that may make them decide otherwise. What do you guys think? Do you think Sprint will follow suite and allow roaming with other LTE networks?
  9. Just got a woot deal for Platinumtel, it looks like they are a Sprint MVNO. They have a $40 unlimited plan that includes texting to overseas for free and 4G. What do you know about them?:
  10. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/dish-trumps-sprints-offer-clearwire-073136447.html
  11. I know this is still a long shot, but earlier last year, both sprint and t-mobile announced that their LTE systems will be easily upgradeable to the future LTE-Advanced system. LTE-Advanced is more of an actual version of LTE that meets the criteria put in place by the IMT-Advanced Specification. Some goals of deploying LTE-Advanced are providing performance that the ITU specifies as "LTE Advanced". Sprint also stating that thier new LTE network can easily be upgraded to LTE-Advanced in the future, this could mean actual 4G speeds of at least 100Mbps on the downlink, and at about 75Mbps on the uplink. The time for this deployment i would not know of, but it brightens up the future of sprint that much more.
  12. Hey guys, figured id post something i found quite interesting about sprint. As you all know, sprint is in the process of a major network overhaul plan known as network vision. The usual deployment strategy of U.S carriers is to target the bigger and more highly populated markets where the base of the subscribers will be at. Sprint has done things a little different. It seems sprint is more focused on rural areas than the bigger U.S markets. Yes sprint has been lighting LTE up in bigger markets such as New York, and Indianapolis, IN. But at the same time, sprint has deployed LTE in smaller surrounding markets near the bigger sites. Usually the carriers focus on the bigger markets first, then the smaller markets last, but sprint seems to have all parties in mind on this one. Honestly, i like the way sprint is rolling out LTE, because people in more rural areas are anticipating LTE just as much as the people in more well known markets.
  13. So as most of you know, the FCC recently approved the deal to allow Clearwire, and sprint merge together to enhance sprint`s wireless experience. The merger between these two companies means that sprint will be able to take advantage of clearwire`s large swath of 2.5 Ghz spectrum, and eventually use it to enhance their LTE network. Also with this deal, sprint will become more competitive with bigger wireless companies such as Verizon wireless, or AT&T. Verizon is one of the carriers that has 10 x 10 Ghz blocks of spectrum deployed on most sites, meaning more spectrum available on these towers. With all this being said, Clearwire will now have the appropriate amount of funds to continue thier deployment of TD-LTE on the 2.5 Ghz spectrum, and eventually, sprint plans to use Clearwire`s LTE network to offload excessive data traffic off of Sprint`s LTE network, meaning excessive users on one LTE tower will be transfered over to Clearwires LTE network, where available, making towers less loaded down with data access. But in order for the offloading to work on phones, sprint will have to talk with phone manufacturers to create a dual-LTE phone with two seperate LTE radios (one for sprint`s LTE network, and one for clearwire`s LTE network.). But all this being said, one problem lies ahead of this possible LTE offloading plan. Sprint also stated that they are shutting down their iDEN network running on the 800Mhz SMR spectrum, and they will recycle it to be used with deploying LTE over the 800Mhz SMR spectrum instead, which will mean better geographical reach to more customers. But for that to happen, phone manufacturers will have to create an LTE radio that supports both spectrums of sprint`s LTE network, as well as a seperate LTE radio that will be used with Clearwire`s planned LTE deployment on the 2.5 Ghz spectrum. so The main question here is: Will the merger between sprint and clearwire be hurtful or helpful to sprint?
  14. Listening to CNBC this morning and Leon Cooperman, Chairman of Omega Advisors, just said Sprint is going to be a winner in 2013.
  15. EDIT: This site was determined to be an AT&T site further down in the thread. There is a new tower being installed near my place. Unfortunately, there are NO carrier markings on any of the equipment. The shack is still being built down in the parking lot. Can anyone tell anything from the attached photos. You can see two separate towers for the install. Mind you this is around a softball field oddly enough and this field never had lights before these towers were installed. This is the tower on the right. Only two wires to each of these panels (basically one side connected) but that being said this tower does not appear to be complete as the lower "rung" is not populated with RUUs. This is the left tower, it appear that there are two RUU's per panel. Note that one antena does not appear to be hooked up yet. That the other antenna has all four wires connected. I apologize for the suboptimal quality of the pics, these were taken with my phone. Plus I had to shrink them to fit them in this post. I have more pics of each tower if needed as well as the fullsize images that I can rehost elsewhere.
  16. http://bgr.com/2012/12/21/android-updates-manufacturers-carriers-262823/#more-262823 HTC fared the best when it came to updating its devices, with an average time of 4.8 months, although Samsung’s updating schedule dramatically improved with its Galaxy S III smartphone, which was updated in an average of four and a half months. On the carrier side of things, T-Mobile was found to be the most reliable with an average time of 5.8 months for updating devices. Sprint is the second best with an average of 6.5 months and unsurprisingly AT&T and Verizon are found at the bottom of the pack with average times of 7.8 months and 8 months, respectively.
  17. Sprint appears to be giving free extended batteries to new and existing Galaxy Nexus users on 8/19. http://phandroid.com...ustomers-deals/
  18. It seems that LTE is very susecptible to minor terrain changes. While I was mapping a new LTE area, I noticed that when the road had a minor dip, LTE would drop. Now that I've been using sensorly, I watch the map and see gaps in LTE coverage. Sure enough, when that happens, the road has a dip in it.
  19. kckid

    OTA for EVO Available

    Received my OTA this morning for the EVO LTE. The new software version is 2.13.651.1 71ORD Android versoin 4.0.4 HTC Sense 4.1 HTC SDK API level 4.24 HTC Extension version HTCExtension_403_1_GA_22
  20. I have been in the D.C area over the past few days. To be more specific Richmond, Virgiana. I know that the D.C market is a 1st round market for Sprint. During my trip I noticed great signal. I had almost 4 to 5 bars my entire trip on both my iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus. Also running several speed tests I was able to get constant speeds of 1-1.5 Mbps on both devices. During these speed tests I know I was connected to an eHRPD network on my Galaxy Nexus but I am unsure on my iPhone 4S. Will post pictures once I downsize them to smaller files. Forgot to mention that uploads speeds were about .8 Mbps on both phones.
  21. Since all the issues the EVO has been having, is it still a recommended phone?
  22. http://www.engadget....-and-customers/ Anyone would like to chime in on how greatly this could affect the Midwest with their LTE rollout? Perhaps some 10mhz LTE deployments?
  23. http://www.phonearena.com/news/Sprints-Galaxy-S-II-Epic-4G-Touch-to-get-ICS-on-July-12_id32141 Supposedly the Galaxy S2's on Sprint will be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade starting tomorrow (roll out by the 20th). Get to play with it on my wife's phone at least!
  24. Sprint announces 4 new LTE devices on the way "this fall." Bold 4G LTE Lineup from Sprint Gains Four New Powerhouse Devices "These four new 4G LTE additions will be available this fall and will provide customers powerful devices that fit their lifestyles: -Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is the first tablet to combine the benefits of Sprint 3G and 4G LTE with a vivid 10.1-inch touchscreen display, Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. -LG Optimus G features an advanced 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, making it a dream device for photo lovers who are ready to leave their point-and-shoot at home and just carry their smartphone. -LG Mach makes 4G LTE accessible as an inexpensive yet sleek smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard and Sprint ID. -Sprint Plug-in-Connect Tri-Mode USB brings Sprint 3G/4G/4G LTE directly to a laptop through a USB connection." No exact dates.. says "this fall."
  25. To all, I sent this to HTC so that they could try and see what they are doing wrong. I had originally just gone to their site to write about the EVO LTE, LTE issues but this is what poured out of me when I started writing! LOL If you don't like rants of suggestions move on, but if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me one year from tonight, outside the gates of Parliament... Crap... V for vendetta (Best Movie Ever) taking over again! LOL! I suggest everyone on this forum, who has an HTC phone (or not), go to the HTC website and blog to leave feedback. I'm guessing HTC doesn't read the tech blogs perhaps or maybe they don't know how we (their customers) feel? Maybe they don't know about the plaguing LTE issues on the EVO LTE (WINK WINK)? And most of all, enjoy...
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