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Found 179 results

  1. If you shop at Target and need a new phone, download cartwheel, and get 20% off on any sprint phone, plus get a minimum $100 gift card towards the phone if you do a trade in. Pretty good deal!
  2. The closest Sprint tower to my house is about 3.5 miles away. In between are hills, trees, a handful of houses, and fields. However, I do have line of sight. I can see the blinking light of the tower in the distance at night. I do not think Sprint has deployed any LTE at this tower. When they do, is it possible that the LTE signal would reach my house? Right now I have a Moto X, but I may go back to the Q10. I do pick up eHRPD at my house. What frequency is that on? I'm thinking Sprint's 800ish mhz LTE band might. Not sure about 1900 though.. Thanks
  3. With the introduction of the new plans Sprint has announced. I told one of my friends about the $60 unlimited plan and she was shocked yet happy about it. She currently has T-Mobile and there has been times where my Sprint service has out performed her service even in the city with puling up information and out of town...well... you already know how that went. She was talking about switching and stuff but then she sent me a typical article bashing Sprint and I got irritated by it and I had to explain to her that Sprint is not bad at all. These articles are based on past experiences from 3+ years ago. I told her I'm pulling 60+ mbps on LTE but she's worried about Sprint being slow ( because of what she read). Guys give me some advice on persuading her to give Sprint a chance. I feel like articles that are being posted is what keeps away customers. It makes no sense that T-Mobiles 2g network is not spoken about when they are in the news for changes to plans and such. But good ol Sprint makes changes and articles that get posted rips Sprint apart for filth.
  4. Been checking my phone lately and i found that it was connecting to CDMA eHRPD. For all of you that are new to this, eHRPD is used generally on CDMA carriers to allow a smooth transition from EVDO to LTE technologies. Im starting this topic to see how many of you guys out there have access to eHRPD. Also, when using eHRPD, instead of the data at the tower going through the CDMA switchboard, it goes through the LTE core instead. Maybe not much of a noticable speed increase, but eHRPD may be faster when the CDMA switchboard is reaching full capacity. Anyways, if anyone ever has any questions related to this, comment on this post or send me a message. I have an acceptable level of knowledge with networking and infastructures. Everyone else, post here if you do have access to an eHRPD enabled cell site. This can be checked by going to settings, about phone, then look for the network status option where from there, it will tell you the signal strength in dBm, the ASU, and the network type.
  5. I've been a fanboy of Sprint ever since I got my Palm Prē in October of 2009. I had left AT&T because my iPhone 3GS was stolen, and because precentral.net peaked my interest in WebOS. So I used those reasons to take the opportunity switch to Sprint. Plus, I like their yellow colour. It's nice to look at. I had devoted a lot of time (and money) to WebOS over those long and exciting months. Staying up late at night on community forums and chat sessions waiting for OTA's to be downloadable. Testing them out, and raving about "How exciting this, and that was.) I was so devoted to WebOS and Sprint that I had had great success with many family members and friends, switching then to Sprint and Palm's WebOS. About 6 months in, I had discovered SprintUsers. They had an mediocre community. 30% of the high volume contributors were intelligent. The rest didn't seem to have graduated middle school language arts. I liked what I saw, save for those rampant bad apples. And I liked what I heard while listening to the SprintUsers podcast. The podcasters and their guests, most of whom were employees, were fun to listen to at the time. It was an informative and compelling podcast that I'd like to see recreated here in some form or another through S4GRU. PODCAST LOCATED HERE: http://www.sprintusers.com/category/podcast/ Is anyone up to the challenge? I'd love to see it happen. Whether a staff member heads it, or a devoted forum contributor wants to, it doesn't matter to me as long as it gets up and running. Might there be a reason not to? Would it be 'too much' public exposure? I'm thinking that SprintUsers were told sternly by the top brass to "quit it" or get a pink slip. A reason was never given on the forums (that I could find) as to why it was unceremoniously shut down. I know that my posts as of late haven't been as valuable as I'd like them to be. Normally 1 sentence one-liners, but I'd hope that I can reshape my image in the future with more well thought out posts, that contribute to & further a discussion. Not just adding my 2¢, (with statements valued as such) just for the heck of it. Please consider this seriously. Everyone. S4GRU has the gravitas and the calibre to achieve prestige at such heights of theVerge, & Engadget. If it doesn't happen for two months for the sake of being well planned by the Staff, I'd be okay with that. As long as it gets going. It should be a monthly show, say, before, or after the monthly Community Summit chat? (I don't think "summit" is the right word)
  6. Samsung TDD-LTE gear which are being utilized in Clearwire priority sites. . Clearwire - Samsung TDD-LTE RRH SLS-BD106Q & Antennas Samsung TD-LTE RRUs mounted behind BRS/EBS Antenna Sprint 2500-2600 mhz TD-LTE Setup Note the Antennas are much thicker and fatter than the antennas being utilized by Sprint Network Vision. Clearwire TD-LTE Base Station / Cabinet May be subject to change as TD-LTE sites start being integrated into the Network Vision setups. Happy Hunting! I'll clean the post up this weekend when I have more time. Courtesy of Sbolen from Missouri market. Samsung TDD RRH SLS-BD104Q1 Samsung TDD RRH SLS-BD106Q
  7. kckid

    Calling 611

    When I call 611, it redirects me to the Sprint Zone Self-Service on my phone. How can I talk to a customer service rep?
  8. I know someone on here might be able to help, but I have a Sprint iPad mini (1st gen) and I have been swapping between my Sprint SIM card that came with the device and a TMobile SIM. This past time when I reinstalled the Sprint SIM I was able to purchase data, but then the reprovisioning kept failing. I cannot use the data. I tried resetting the iPad completely, and that did not work. I restored the iPad as new and that also did not work. I also noticed that the iPad kept going from Sprint 3G to 1x over and over, even in an area with full LTE. I called Sprint support and they said that they could not handle anything prepaid (which was shocking), but when I pushed a bit on them, they helped troubleshoot. Still, nothing has worked. I will call Apple this evening if nothing else, but I am traveling for Memorial Day, so it would have been nice to have extra data on the iPad. Anyways, does anyone have any thoughts? I am thinking it may be a hardware issue, but it does not appear to be a SIM card issue. Still in the car on a long trip from NYC to Ohio for a wedding reception and visiting the in-laws.
  9. Looks like Sprint was looking out for its customers for quite some time, although the details are still coming out. This is good news for Sprint and hopefully they get some praise in the media for it. There are many other articles that came out today about this as well. It is good to see at least Sprint was challenging the NSA. http://www.engadget.com/2014/05/14/sprint-had-legal-details-of-nsa-phone-data-collection/ http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/us-revealed-secret-legal-basis-for-nsa-program-to-sprint-documents-show/2014/05/14/f593612a-ce28-11e3-937f-d3026234b51c_story.html
  10. Supporting article: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/09/06/4461371/international-expansion-for-sprint.html If SoftBank/Sprint were to expand into Canada and Mexico, and offer Unlimited Roaming Data, with a an industry first Transnational voice+text+data Plan, wouldn't that be the most amazing thing ever? What would those specifics be? Isn't there still a CDMA1x network still in operation in Canada? Couldn't Sprint buy out that network? Rundown of Canadian Wireless Industry = Not Good - http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/6803/125/ And in Mexico, a CDMA1x/EV-DO carrier is still active, with an iDEN network as well... The 2.5Ghz frequency is has been open for business in Mexico for quite some time... Will Sprint buy that too? It it available for telecom use in Canada? My post is not well thought out. I don't want to take the time to research compatible frequencies. So help me out. I have the idea, now as a community, help build out this transnational vision!
  11. With the FCC and Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon have agreed to this new unlocking policy. How does this effect sprint phones such as the IPhone. I have heard that Sprint can unlock your phone but you can not take it to other carriers such as Verizon and the IPhone can only be used overseas. (Correct me if I am wrong). I am glad that this has finally happened. But when it comes to Sprint how would this work?
  12. I have seen that Sprint owns 20Mhz of WCS spectrum in My market. Does sprint plan on selling that spectrum? When did they receive the spectrum?
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vVxAHVUvU4 Goal = 250 Million pops covered by mid 2014.
  14. http://www.phonedog.com/2013/12/31/sprint-reportedly-planning-to-combine-boost-and-virgin-mobile-revive-nextel-brand/
  15. I found this while looking at FreedomPop's site and followed some of the links. It seems like that FP is part of connect2compete.org and they offer services for schools and other non-profits via mobilecitizen.org. Now I found this on their website: Mobile Citizen's wireless broadband is powered by WiMAX, a 4G technology from CLEAR. In 2006, CLEAR entered into a 30-year excess capacity agreement with the five EBS licensees which established Mobile Citizen. This agreement allows Mobile Citizen to offer advanced mobile broadband service exclusively to schools and nonprofits, helping to further learning and productivity by providing internet access beyond the classroom or office. Mobile Citizen has been providing its low-cost mobile Internet services since 2009. ---- Now their prices are really great and $120 for unlimited Internet is not bad. But will they transistion to LTE eventually or will Sprint / Clearwire keep some WiMax runnung which covers their EBS licensees?
  16. Hello! I'm new to Sprint and I'm having some issues with my LG G2. I was hoping someone could assist me with it. 1. My most urgent problem is the constant powercycling. If the screen is locked and I unlock it, oftentimes it powercycles once or twice before I can actually use the phone. It's not the issue with the proximity sensor being covered (that's totally separate). It's just when I Swype to unlock the phone. 2. I can't use the internet when I'm on the phone. I can't believe it and it's really disappointing that it's doing this. 3. My Swype doesn't automatically space between words when I'm on the internet. If I don't actually touch the space bar, then allmywritinglookslikethis. Mypreciousphonespacedbetweenwords. I'mnotsureifthisisasettingbutIneedhelpplease!
  17. From the FireceWireless website: NetZero to ditch Verizon in favor of Sprint: http://www.fiercewireless.com/story/netzero-ditches-verizon-contract-will-launch-sprints-cdma-network/2014-01-15?utm_medium=nl&utm_source=internal Data Plans: The no-contract NetZero Sprint 3G plans break down as follows: Free: No monthly fees, data allotment of 200 MB per billing cycle. Free plan limited to 12 months only. Basic: $9.95 per month, 500 MB per billing cycle. Plus: $19.95 per month, 1 GB per billing cycle. Pro: $34.95 per month, 2 GB per billing cycle. Platinum: $49.95 per month, 4 GB per billing cycle.
  18. So now that Sprint purchased all remaining shares of Clearwire what is going to happen? Will they re-purpose the towers into its own LTE network? Or are they going to keep it a separate network and just leave it as is/add more towers? Now that WiMax will be a type of LTE i hope they just use all these towers on Sprints network and start filling out the roll out!
  19. Hello All, Staples is becoming an authorized retailer for Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Our Verizon rep told us we'll get half off our bill now if we have them, but we haven't heard form the Sprint rep just yet. Does anyone know when kind of kickbacks sprint gives for being an authorized retailer?
  20. I'm a former sprint customer, and recently moved to T-mobile. The main reason I moved to T-mobile had to do with the speed of the network from the speed testing websites, and they seemed to be more reliable. The second resons was that it was on GSM network which would allow for International roaming when abroad. However, I've found that when T-mobile is available it is fast, but lacks indoor penetration, something I notieced of Sprint as well, it also is not available everywhere such as sprint overall coverage. So I am now thinking of switching back to sprint because I live in Indiana and travel a lot on the road, which requires coverage that is not readily provided by T-mobile. My question, if and when Sprint moves LTE to 800mhz and 2.5Ghz, are new phones required to take advantage of that frequency or will the Moto X and Iphone 5s work on those bands? Secondly, I read that Verizon will be shutting down its CDMA network sometime next year and move to Voicelte, I'm thinking this will effect Sprint coverage since I'm sure they use their network at times. Any thoughts on that or has Sprint also announced moving to Voice over LTE? My main concern was with speed of the network, which when I have coverage with T-mobile, is much slower than Sprint (my wife still has sprint). I'm not sure I understand why the network is slower on Sprint and whether that will improve over time specfiically in Indianapolis. I appreciate any feedback so that I might move back to Sprint for the best long-term viability.
  21. Rumors are going flying saying a new Motorola Photon is coming to the market this year. It will have the name of Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE. This phone should include features such as 4G LTE, Webtop Connection and at least 8 mega-pixel camera. One interesting piece is the Q in the name. The Q is said to stand for quad-core showing a possible quarter 3 release. We can believe this is a Quarter 3 release because the Tegra 3 with LTE support will not come to the market till Quarter 3. Anyone think about how cool this phone would be?
  22. Stake in Company to grow to 70 percent over the next five years. Japanese carrier SoftBank is eyeing an investment in U.S. phone distributor Brightstar. The deal will see SoftBank take a 57 percent stake in the company for $1.26 billion in cash, and has already been approved by SoftBank's board. Brightstar is a name you may not have heard of before, but is one of the biggest phone distributors (acting between manufacturers and retailers) with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide. The deal will make Brightstar the exclusive distributor of handsets to some SoftBank affiliates, presumably including Sprint here in the U.S. Along with its investment in Sprint, SoftBank's stake in Brightstar could give it a better foothold on securing the latest devices for its carriers. The deal is still in need of regulatory approval, but is expected to close by the end of 2013, the companies said. http://www.androidcentral.com/softbank-take-57-percent-stake-phone-distributor-brightstar-126-billion Will this improve the phones available to Sprint if it is approved?
  23. I thought that I had seen in a thread that the Everything data plan was no longer going to be available starting fairly soon. Does anyone know when people will no longer be able to choose this plan? I ask this b/c my friend and I just signed up for Sprint, with separate accounts. He gets a 23% off discount but when I got my first bill realized that discounts on the Everything my way plan only apply to the data portion of the bill. So after browsing through this website, it seems like the Everything data plan is much cheaper for his two lines, especially considering the discount. So... does anyone know if he can still sign up for this account, and if so, until when?
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