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Found 192 results

  1. Any idea when Pittsburgh will see LTE turned on?
  2. Any word about network vision and Salt Lake City, 3G or 4G LTE? im expecting the EVO 4G LTE this week sometime and im giving sprint a year to improve there coverage here before i jump ship.
  3. I'm here looking for answers to a simple question. Where is this mystery Sprint signal coming from? For the past few weeks I've received a signal on multiple Sprint devices, two Sprint devices with roaming turned off, and two Virgin Mobile phones and Virgin Mobile phones can't roam, the other rate plans might be able but I'm talk about Virgin Mobile devices from before they introduced all those other plans. What I'm making clear is these devices have to be picking up a Sprint signal, plus I've downloaded the SignalCheck Pro app which has indicated two different signals 1XRTT and 1X800. The signal only last for about 8 hours each morning and begins coming in and out towards the end of each morning. I try making a call and it fails, and it doesn't get any data at all. I try each device and they all do the same thing they have a signal and very strong signal with no data, and voice doesn't go threw, I haven't tried sending a text figured no data, no voice then there must be no text. I read about some "projects" that Sprint has going on Project Ocean and Project Cedar. Since Project Ocean is suppose to be taking place in Missouri and I live so close to the Iowa, Missouri line, I figured if there is a tower going up maybe it is possible I'm getting a signal from it, in the early stages. I really don't know what is going on, if Sprint is launching service, putting up new towers and that signal finally comes, and stays, and works. I'll be back full time on the Sprint ban wagon. Unfortunately, I live in an area not served by (according to experience and coverage map) Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Not even the two Iowa carriers i Wireless or Chat Mobility serve my area, go 10, 15 or 20 miles in any direction your good, here, wireless dead zone, no choice of carriers. And if Sprint puts a tower here if I finally get an answer and learn that signal will soon come and stay and work I'll finally have a choice. So if anyone has any ideas, has experienced this in other parts of the country or has any idea what could be going on please say. Any information is better than not knowing, and together maybe this will be answered.
  4. So I have had the chance to play around with the Tab 4(Wi-fi) only model, and Like how much smoother it is than the Tab 3 series. Now What are some of your favorite features About the device? Hopefully sprint will announce one with Tri-band support. I will Grab one when they come out if they do! I believe the Tab 4 on Sprint will have Triband, as the Verizon has 3 band LTE support and At&t version have 4 bands I believe. Also if you are looking for a Tab 4 Wifi only version, Check Target out, it has a Cartwheel coupon for 10% off a Tab 4, plus 20% off a Tab 3. And I want to say a coupon off Other Samsung Accessories!
  5. In recent days, I saw some activity (workers installing new cabinets) at a tower just off I-40 in Pope County, Arkansas; this afternoon, I drove by the tower and saw what appear to be new (Ericsson) NV cabinets installed alongside Sprint's old Nortel cabinets: http://i.imgur.com/ZstTX.jpg The new cabinets are behind the older, bulkier cabinets. Sorry about the angle of the photo. It doesn't appear that work (antennas/RRUs) has started on the tower yet - I'll be watching for those changes.
  6. Did you know that with many Sprint (Uniband) LTE Android devices, the signal strength indicator at the top does not show your LTE signal strength? Even if 4G or LTE is displayed next to it? That's right! This signal displayed here is your 1x (voice signal), and it is not your 3G EVDO signal strength, nor your LTE signal strength. Regardless of whether it says 3G or 4G next to it. This is the cause of a lot of confusion. Also, third party apps like NetMonitor do not show accurate LTE signal strengths. They also only show the 1x signal strength, even though they may reference being connected to LTE. The purpose of this thread is to help educate the masses, because many people think they have a strong LTE signal, when in fact they do not. And then they are unhappy, thinking that Sprint LTE is really slow, even with a strong signal. LTE performance is very signal strength dependent. So, when you have a weak signal, you can expect much slower than peak results. There is only one accurate way to get your LTE signal strength, and that is from your LTE Engineering screen in your Debug menu. And we will discuss the different ways to get that below. ...In HTC, Motorola & LG Sprint LTE devices: Go in to your phone app, and dial ##DEBUG# Select LTE Engineering Go down to RSRP. The number under RSRP shown in dBm is your LTE signal strength. ...In Samsung Sprint LTE devices: Go in to your phone app, and dial ##DEBUG# Enter 777468 for your lock code Select LTE Engineering Go down to RSRP. The number next to RSRP shown in dBm is your LTE signal strength. ...In the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5: Go in to your phone app, and dial *#*#DEBUG#*#* Enter 777468 for your lock code Select LTE Engineering Go down to RSRP. The number next to RSRP shown in dBm is your LTE signal strength. The LTE Signal Strength Scale: Now you have determined your actual LTE signal strength in dBms your device is receiving, you can use the following scale below to determine its strength: Better than -88dBm RSRP is a strong signal Between -89dBm and -96dBm is a very good signal Between -97dBm and -105dBm is good Between -106dBm and -112dBm is fair Worse than -113dBm RSRP is poor Feel free to link people to this thread for explanation. Hopefully, this will clear up some confusion out there!
  7. hey guys i am due for a upgrade today....i am curious on the opinions of others of what phone is a great phone... any opinions are welcome !
  8. I was in the zip codes of 33993 and 33991 today and did some speed tests on speedtest.net I got speeds of about .8 Mbps with peek rates of 1 Mbps. I tried to upload pictures but the uploader said files were to large but even though they were below the maximum file size
  9. Looks like Republic Wireless, an MVNO running via Sprint, is now offering access to Sprint's LTE network. They're also offering the Moto X for $299 off contract. Here are their new plans: As you can see, their top plan is "unlimited talk text and data" although the language doesn't make clear whether the cellular data connection is unlimited - I suspect not. Republic Wireless also uses custom software to favor wi-fi for voice and data wherever possible. Nonetheless, $40 a month is a pretty good deal to get a connection to Sprint's LTE network. The Moto X is a single-band device, but it'll be interesting to see if they offer a tri-band device in the future. That could have some serious appeal. Thoughts?
  10. When will the North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, & Wilmington) areas start with LTE Network Vision? When will we expect coverage in the area? Also, how good will this Advance 3G be when revised for better data speed coverage?
  11. -Beta builds have airplane mode cycling on rooted 4.2 and 4.3 devices. PM Dan for information on joining the beta team: http://s4gru.com/index.php?/user/17526-danialgoodwin/ So as some of you all know, I am an app developer and make mobile applications for Android and Windows Phone. With that being said I actually just got done creating an application for all of us to use at S4GRU. This app will aid all of us in searching for LTE, particularly in emerging markets. I’m constantly reading all over this site about how we drive around toggling airplane mode searching for LTE and two things came to my mind: 1. We can’t look at our phones all the time so we are bound to miss some LTE and 2. Looking at your phone constantly while driving probably isn’t the safest thing to do. So with that being Simply Advanced (my brand) has developed this application for us to use. You will be able to effectively search for LTE during your entire commute to work and back without ever looking at your phone. Features include: 1. Toggling Airplane mode automatically every thirty seconds 2. Ringing when it finds an LTE Connection 3. Marking the LTE connections GPS coordinates- so you can find the site later. 4. Later features will include automatically opening Sensorly to map the area. Of course I am open to any and all suggestions for this app as it was built for all of you to use. Please keep this in mind when you guys use it you will all be beta testers for the time-being. The app has seen a few bugs, so I would ask for you all to be patient and to send me feedback in the apps built in feedback menu. Tell me the type of phone you are using, what happened when you encountered the bug, whether you are rooted or not, etc. Note: Since this app only toggles airplane mode every thirty seconds your text shouldn’t be affected too much, but you may miss phone calls that occurred during the transition. I hope you guys are excited about this. A lot of time went into this, but I am very happy to have begun this project knowing it allows me to make things a little easier for all of you and so that I could help contribute a little more to this site. Have fun and expect more features to come! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.simplyadvanced.ltediscovery#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDIxMiwibmV0LnNpbXBseWFkdmFuY2VkLmx0ZWRpc2NvdmVyeSJd
  12. Hi everyone, I've been using this site for a while now, and LTE is starting to pop up around me (still haven't connected to it personally yet though). I have a rooted galaxy s3, and from what I've heard, when you connect to LTE, the only sort of notification you get is that the 3G changes to the number 4G in the notifications bar. Since I don't often look there (and glancing up there I probably wouldn't catch sight of it unless all of a sudden my data was going a heck of a lot faster), I'm wondering if there is a way to change what it shows in the status bar as 4G. Maybe something obvious like YOUR_ON_4G or something like that? Or if that's too long I'd rather have it just say 4G LTE so it'll be a little different? Does anyone know how to do this? Right now I'm running stock but I'm considering cyanogenmod for all its themes. Thanks everyone, Joe
  13. Today FreedomPop announced the availability of the MiFi 500 (the tri-band one...they just call it by the internal model number rather than the marketing model number) on their service. This includes the free 500MB data option, as well as the more expensive plans (e.g. 2GB for $20). The device itself is $150. They're offering a couple of promotions right now that net you 3GB at no additional charge (beyond the device cost) for the first month. I'm trying to pick one up but am having issues getting their website to let me order anything. For folks who want to try out TD-LTE/LTE in 800 and don't want to sign a contract/don't need 3GB of data on their hotspot and don't want to pay $35+ per month as a result, this works. And the 500MB plan (400MB if you don't want the possibility of paying overages) is enough for occasional access...and it's free!
  14. Here are the Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) Network Vision equipment for Sprint. Their equipment consists of 2x base stations, 6 or 9 Remote Radio Unit (RRU) setups, and 1 standard NV antenna of with connectors on the bottom (4x PCS, 2x SMR). Below are images of Alcatel-Lucent equipment. In these images, you will find Alcatel-Lucent base stations, Sprint Network Vision antennas, PCS 1900 & SMR 800 RRUs, and their configurations. Alcatel-Lucent 4x40w 25 MHz PCS 1900 B25 RRUs (Panasonic) [old] Alcatel-Lucent 4x45w 1900 MHz B25 RRU ALU 2x50w B26 800 MHz RRU [KMW Communications] Older Panasonic Setup [4x40w 25 MHz B25] Standard Alcatel-Lucent Setup Utilizes 2x50w 800 MHz B26 RRU and 4x45w 1900 MHz B25 RRU and compatible antennas. Closer Look at the connectors on the bottom of the antennas Special Case Mexican IBEZ Setup Note the lack of 800 MHz RRUs though the antennas are capable of 800 MHz. High Capacity Setup High Capacity no SMR 800 IBEZ setup * Credits go to those whom took the images of these equipment. You know who you are."
  15. Many of us hate the tiny coverage tool, so here are some HD images of Sprint's Spark coverage. Clearwire 10/29/15: Full Resolution (10786 x 5798) 5/18/15: Full Resolution (5350 x 2850) 11/1/14: Full Resolution (5350 x 2900) Sprint map last updated: 5/18/15
  16. I'm sure everyone remembers the free night and weekend minutes we had years ago. This morning I was thinking what if a carrier took that same idea but instead made for it data. I think that if a carrier was able to implement this that it would be big and a game changer. What do you guys think?
  17. Some history first; Been through all the highs & broken promise Lows over the last 18 years with Sprint, currently have 7 lines. My main areas of concern are where I live and my retirement cabin which are in a semi Sprint dead zones. My Note3 will hold onto 3g for dear life. I have to toggle airplane mode to return to LTE signal (while standing in my back yard). Once I enter the house it drops to 3g. Speed test at 4g is slow at best. In my front yard it's 3g unless I walk into the center of the street, togle airplane mode then can pick up SLOW 4g again(until I walk to my front door.) i know note3 is missing band 41 which is suposto help. The wife's Iphone6 is 3g in my front yard, lte in the middle of the street and drops to 3g when entering our house also. When on 3g and walking into the back yard, airplane mode to froce it to 4g and it sticks to lte once you enter the house again. 1 to 2 bars, 17mb down with 1.3mb up. It will hold onto the lte signal. Does anyone have any insight to what I should expect with a Note5? Sprint has programed the system so if our 3g signal is stronger, my phone will want to stay there, Will carrier aggregation solve this problem or will the Note 5 try and hang onto the stronger 3g signal at all costs? I'm able to pre order the Note5 for $249 with a $200 SAMSUNG REBATE. Hate to get all excited and sign on for another 2 years if the Note5 will be doing what the note3 is doing. I get the whole ehrpd and 3g improving the cell phone experiance. At this point im more interested in being able to use more than the 5mb per month my 7 phones average and finally be able to use some of the unlimited data I've been paying for over the last 18 years. I'm in West Orange County, CA. and travel to the SAN Bernardino mountains weekly. Experts please chime in. On the fence to switch carriers but want Sprint to suceed and be there when they do!
  18. Hey guys I have a question hopefully someone can answer it for me today at sprint I went to buy a cover and screen protector for my new Samsung galaxy nexus while they were putting everything on the phone I had asked when were we gonna get lte knowing that sprint hasn't said anything about lte in the valley. To my surprise he said we might get it very soon because sprint has technicians down here in the valley because of a recent hailstorm (hail in the valley haha right but it happened)he said sprint was going to kill two birds with one stone and not only fix the towers but also install the lte so they don't have to make another trip back here. Does this sound right at all any help will be appreciated. Btw the Rio Grande valley is the bottom part of Texas edinburg mcallen harlingen Brownsville area thanks guys
  19. Does Sprint have an LTE roaming deals with any carrier anywhere currently? If so, does it show up on their coverage map?
  20. IBEZ will be solved SOONER, rather than later. Which is a good thing. I would have liked for SoftBank to join the fight, because EVERYONE knows that their roaming rates are going to be abysmal with Sprint customers traveling to Mexico. Is this a raw deal? Your thoughts? Via GigaOM: https://gigaom.com/2015/01/26/att-to-buy-nextel-mexico-continuing-continental-expansion/
  21. With the extremely fast ramp-up of band 26 deployment in the recent months, a lot of the US is now covered by it. Some markets have been optimized, some haven't. For those markets that have seen band 26 optimization, what's your story? Did you used to get a weak 3G connection indoors, and now enjoy a usable 1-2 bar LTE connection? Is your 800Mhz LTE connection stronger, the same, or slightly weaker than 3G now? Let's try to keep this focused only on stories about areas that have seen a definite coverage improvement as a result of a fully optimized band 26 LTE deployment, not a thread that focuses on where optimization hasn't taken place yet. Perhaps we can boost morale and give us non-optimized folks something to look forward to. :-)
  22. I am presently customer of the old Clearwire for home internet service. By twist of fate, there are no other high-speed internet providers in my area - NOTHING! - unless you consider satellite services. Clearwire was reluctant to give me a CLEAR EXPRESS HUB and sign me up originally because my home is literally shown to be in a marginal area of service. My lot was shown to be covered but not the adjacent lots (not sure how that happens?). Anyway, they gave me the modem and I experience around 6 Mbps downloads and 1 Mbps uploads (with an outside antenna). For someone coming off dial-up and satellite (Wildblue) these speeds were terrific! I am happy! I understand my service is not as good as many others, but for this area it is fabulous! With the recent announcements that Clearwire's Wimax service will be phased out by the end of 2015 - I am on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop. I live in Canal Winchester (suburb of Columbus, OH) and would be devastated If I lost my Clearwire service and we are not part of some Sprint LTE upgrade that will allow us to obtain high-speed internet when Clearwire goes away Why isn't Sprint more open about their future plans to provide service to areas they acquired from Clearwire, including types of services and time frames other then generalities that I sometimes see published. The tower I ping off of is located in Columbus (moderate density housing) and I have to believe that Columbus (15th largest city in the USA) would be near the top. The tower is 3 to 4 miles away.
  23. I bought an LG Tribute to track the rollout of Sprint Spark (and to test Network Vision service as well) in my area. Is there anything I should know when I start tracking? Any particular apps I should get or dialing codes I should know?
  24. We use this thread to keep track of all the markets announced or completed with Network Vision and LTE deployment. It will be Pinned to the top of the Network Vision Forum. This will be convenient for linking so you can post in other threads and forums. TOTAL NUMBER OF MARKETS (99) FIRST ROUND MARKETS (14): First round markets have no preceding markets before them. NV OEM's will mobilize in these markets and begin deployment. These markets will deploy slowly as there is a significant learning curve to Network Vision. Most first round markets started between December 2011 and March 2012. Atlanta/Athens Austin Baltimore Boston Central Jersey Chicago DFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth) Houston Kansas (Kansas City/Wichita) LA Metro (Los Angeles/Long Beach) New York City San Antonio SF Bay (San Francisco/Oakland) Washington DC Updated as of Friday, March 6, 2015.
  25. I have been looking and reading on the internet for months and not once have i seen any talk of Rhode Island getting LTE?? anyone kno where i can get a lil info on when my state mite get LTE?? thanks
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