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Found 35 results

  1. What 3g speeds do you guys average?! please I am a long time AT&t customer, looking to switch to sprint when i preorder the iphone 5 tonight. I tried sprint on the iphone 4s last year, my speeds were on average .2 mbps - .3 mbps. I couldnt use siri, send pics, spotify, etc. I know LTE is on its way in the next couple of months (*crosses fingers) and i would looooove to have true unlimited LTE.. i just worry service will be spotty in my area/lte will take longer than expected to deploy. In the mean time i would be stuck with the 3g.. so i'm considering going with verizon. Thanks a lot *edit* really not just austin tx, anyone can post!
  2. Recently my speeds have been increasing and my ping has been lower significantly thanks to NV. These speeds were taken in Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. The slowest speed that I got of .10 Down and .15 Up was on1xrtt. The reason I was on 1x was because I was in the basement of a church. Either way that is a good speed on 1x. I would like to see if any other people were receiving speeds like this at all.
  3. I get REALLY bad 3G speeds at the bar I go to all the time. The thing is, the towers are right in the next parking lot and I have FULL bars. I cannot WAIT until NV hits this area! Here are a few shots taken with the phone exactly where I was standing while running the speed test. Srry for them being sideways, no time to flip them!!
  4. How is the current iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S preforming on the Now Network? Also, how is the sales on the phone Jan. 2012 - Current
  5. Good morning, it appears that there is an outage of Sprint Direct Connect Service (not to be confused with Nextel Direct Connect). I contacted Sprint and they will acknowledge the issue but I did not get an ETA or a reason for the issue. I was hoping one of you could enlighten me to some degree. I mainly want to know why the service would go down and if I should expect that to be a regular occurrence while the service matures. Thanks.
  6. I might be flying to ATL to go FL and I was wondering does anyone know if 3G is usable there cause I might have a layover for 4hrs and i know that at ATL you have to pay for wifi and that they also have DAS to help coverage inside the airport. But if im going to stay there that long i at least want to be able to watch movies over 3g or i could go to Charlotte and they have free wifi. So if anyone has been to the airport their recently can you tell me how fast 3g is there. Thanks
  7. so must of us probably seen the pictures of the lte coverage from the other forum athens georgia but what i want to know did anybody get any upgraded 3g speeds or improved 3g speeds as of lately
  8. I snapped a few pictures of the 3 closest towers to my house, trying to identify the sprint equipment (and clear wimax). One of them is obvious because its a single head on top of a building by the airport, but the rest I'm clueless on. Can anyone help me identify what equipment belongs to who on these towers? DE73XC878 - Remy Dr, Lansing, MI (I don't know enough about the panels, but it looks like two different types on this site. It's on top of a small building near the airport.) DSC_1609 by jefbal99_, on Flickr DE60XC036 - Stanley St, Lansing, MI (Pretty sure there is WiMax on this tower, based on looking at the clear.com/coverage maps. Also, closest to my house) DSC_1599 by jefbal99_, on Flickr DE33XC553 - Filley St (Shared tower by the railroad tracks. I have closer pictures of the individual panels if needed, but this was the only one with everything) DSC_1603 by jefbal99_, on Flickr
  9. So I was driving home from work the other day, and drove by this newly constructed tower, at the intersection of Adams St. and some unmarked road, but leads to the Windmill St. roundabout. Is there a way to look up who operates on this tower? http://g.co/maps/4dsb9 http://g.co/maps/pd6me This tower I know is managed by Crown Castle, per the signage outside. I thought it was strange though because there's a very VERY large tower (one of the largest I've ever seen) just down the street that serves the area with Verizon 1X, 3G, and LTE, Sprint's 3G, and AT&T's 3G that would more than be enough for this area. http://www.americantower.com/SiteLoc...nited%20states My Transform Ultra (Boost Mobile/Sprint) shows five bars when I'm by both towers (not sure on db readings). The Cricket phone (which seems to have very similar coverage to the Sprint tower...) shows three bars, Verizon shows three bars, and AT&T shows no bars thanks to their complete neglect for Nebraska. Also, I know of a tower that needs some serious attention. This tower is quite unique in the way it's been implemented, but has some horrible 3G speeds. The max I've ever gotten on this tower according to the Speedtest.Net app on Android is 0.10 down, 0.03 up. The oddly placed tower above in the first paragraph always gives me 2.53 down, 0.89 up, same with big red up there. This site is unique because on the property, are four towers. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and Cricket, all within one area, independent from each other. http://www.americantower.com/SiteLoc...nited%20states
  10. darnell89

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, looking to make new cyber friends, and looking for answer about Sprint's service and updates on 3G, 4G, and Wimax. Been waiting patiently for Sprint to get it together, and fix all the issues they have been having.....I been quite the sport! I just hope they fix the data speeds all over the country, before they lose even more people over it! Why have unlimited data, when you can barely use it......smh.....Unlimited is very useless in my area, and it sucks! Thanks for your time!
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