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  1. Has anyone stayed at the omni? If so, were you able to get 4g lte inside your room? If so, was it fast?
  2. I've been to Toronto and Vancouver. If you have unlimited texting plan, then texting is free within/to/from U.S. and Canada. Data will cost you extra and so will voice roaming. Once you get there, you will get a text from sprint saying that it'll cost you the following: Without add-on, Txt sent: $0.20, recvd:$0.20, Calls:$0.59/min, Data:$0.002/KB unless on plan. When I was there, all I did to communicate back home was texting and there was no charges. The last time I went to Canada was this past August. Hopes this help somewhat.
  3. I was actually hoping either the tilt change or Band 26 would help with in-building coverage at my house. ;(
  4. The tilt from one of the tower by my house needs to change. The tower is a little less than half a mile from my house but I don't connect to that tower for LTE; instead, I connect to a tower that is a little over a mile away for LTE. Because of this, my LTE connection is spotty around my house.
  5. Same here. I've been waiting patiently for the tower next to my office to get LTE and it's the only one near by that hasn't gotten LTE yet.
  6. What's up in the OC? Things have pretty much come to a halt here...
  7. Got back from my trip yesterday. I did get strong 4G LTE singal in Arlington but no data was moving to my phone so I had to change my phone setting to use 3G only. Coverage in DC was good. I had a good time. Got to see some really cool things while I was there.
  8. I'm going to be staying in Arlington about 1 to 2 miles southwest of Arlington Cemetery. I'll only be there during the night as I have plan fulls days in Washington. I'll be within a 5 miles radius of the white house. Also, any suggestion while I am in DC from any local people there? You could just pm me. Thanks.
  9. I'm planning on going to DC in 3 weeks. How is the 4G coverage? Is it spotty. I don't want to base it off the map but on people who live or been to DC recently.
  10. lol. My office is on the second floor and when I look outside my window I see the tower about 1000 ft away at the same level as me.
  11. At work, I get -60dBm on EDVO. When that tower I connect to gets LTE, will my LTE strength be around -60 dBm too?
  12. Okay. It seems this morning when I check online, the sprint/clearwire-combined tower that is about 0.6 miles from me is now LTE. I went to check my phone but it is still connected to the LTE tower that is 1 mile away. Could it be possible that the LTE sprint/clearwire site is on 2.5ghz LTE so my old galaxy s4 can't pick it up? I was hoping for better signal and speed since the sprint/clearwire tower is closer; am I wrong to assume this?
  13. Yup, his s4 will not be able to get spark because it doesn't have the hardware for it. The new triband s4 that came out in 2014 has the hardware for spark.
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