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  1. RT @ChuckRossDC: Chuck Grassley has. 7 memos; 4 have classified info; Comey pal Daniel Richman told Fox News he was given 4 memos. If those…

  2. RT @Brad_Glasgow: "Diversity is so important!" scream people who can't name a single conservative writer working for a major gaming site, d…

  3. RT @PG_kamiya: You still believe that a person named Yoko Taro really exists?

  4. 😂😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/fANdpF1BJe

  5. RT @pewdiepie: @CountDankulaTV 😘

  6. RT @Debradelai: John Paul Stevens. Living proof that when a man is too old, too sick, yoo stupid and too senile even to be a judge... He…

  7. RT @NoahCRothman: Kevin is many things, but a race baiter is not among them. I cannot speak to his sociopathy, however.

  8. DIVERSITY! *in the signature Dave Cullen voice* https://t.co/4VcjR05aNL

  9. Valve has given you the tools to spot review bombing. Not that hard. https://t.co/GylX15abN3

  10. RT @AcademicAgent: Here is the table from Vedder and Galloway that Sowell references which demolishes the FDR's intervention stopped the Gr…

  11. RT @DanielVavra: Developing new content with new AI behavior, hundreds of new character animations withe different skeleton, new quests, vo…

  12. You are a fucking retard. https://t.co/JS6xaTEnMZ

  13. RT @guypbenson: POLITICO/Morning Consult: “All companies who cut business ties with the NRA last week saw their public opinion decline this…

  14. Law enforcement...I hope https://t.co/pS5qynihVW

  15. RT @back_ttys: I don't know if @cnn is familiar with this Cuomo guy, but maybe they can get a camera crew out to his house to let him know…