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  1. Radio seems better to me in that regard. I feel it hangs onto LTE for a long time. However, if you text a lot the duplicate and delayed SMS issue will drive you nuts if you have it. Basically it makes texting while on LTE unbearable. If you're on 3G a lot you will not really notice it.
  2. Ahh, thank you. I was unaware that voice would be switching to a lower frequency. That seems to make sense to me why my phone won't drop off in my basement even though I didn't get voice down there before or not very good anyway. I will test it out and see what happens. My wife has a Note 2 so I will have to keep the Airave around unless the Note 2 can use 1x800 voice but it would be nice knowing I may be able to get rid of it when she upgrades her phone.
  3. That's too bad. So, if someone is inside a building and has low signal on band 26 is it safe to assume they are basically without voice coverage if they shut off LTE?
  4. Just recently the Nexus 5 upgraded to 4.4.3. This upgrade apparently enabled the band 41 and 26 on this phone. Before this update I could not get LTE in my house. I could get it outside I believe on band 25 (I just yesterday learned how to check which band I am connected to). When I would go inside it would drop and connect to my Airave (3G only). Now, after 4.4.3, inside my house I seem to only connect to band 26 and get about 2-3 bars LTE upstairs on my main level and between 0-1 bars in my finished basement where I spend a lot of time but it never hands off to the Airave anymore, ever...It remains connected to band 26 even at 0 bars in my basement. Even after a phone reboot it reconnects to band 26 at 0-1 bars signal. My question is what happens if/when I receive (if I even can) a phone call in my basement while connected to LTE band 26? I thought the Nexus 5 had to switch to 3G or 1x or something for calls? Will my phone automatically connect to the Airave if a call comes through in that situation or do I basically have data but no phone reception now since it stays connected to band 26 even though it's 0 bars of signal? I have not received a call in my basement since the update nor have I had anyone complain they couldn't reach me so I just don't know. Since I am on wifi at home anyway (even with LTE coverage my wifi is much faster) I feel the best situation would be to always connect to the Airave both for reception and for battery savings. However, I cannot make the phone do that apparently.
  5. Seems like a waste. If you are going to go with a new phone on contract go with the best one or close to the best. Sprint's paying for most of it and you will still get updates and performance will be much greater.
  6. I wonder how he was discovered? I drop data connection all the time (and sometimes calls) but just figure it's the network being shitty again. I wonder if I've ever been jammed? Edit - Ahh, I see it was discovered because of the regularity and time of day it was occurring.
  7. Once cell sites have had their 3G vision stuff completed how long does it take for the CSFB to start working? In Minneapolis a bunch of the towers look upgraded according to the completed maps but my Nexus 5 will not connect to them yet for LTE. It will connect to towers like 30 miles south so I know my phone's LTE works fine.
  8. With Sprint it is always what is coming eventually. I have been hearing that since 2010 when I got my first wimax phone. I am still hearing it with my triband Nexus 5 in Minneapolis. It gets annoying to hear them always preaching about what is coming and how good it will be. Their coverage and price are acceptable to me though so I stay and hope it comes true for me at some point.
  9. Man you hit the nail right on the head. The comments and that article are fine. He went to areas that the public was told would have Spark. He did regular tests. His phone had the little Spark icon. It makes perfect sense the reaction people are showing in that situation. I would imagine a fraction of 1% of Sprint users would know to look at an engineering screen in their phone. Even Sprint customer service wouldn't know if you called them and asked why it was slower.
  10. If your phone is rooted the app CatLog can give you the MSL number. InvalidPassword posted this in a nother thread. Open Catlog grant root permission and acknowledge pop-ups. Switch to your dialer Type *#*#3282#*#* Got to the LTE menu, choose edit Where it asks for your service code switch back to Catlog and pause the app Search for LG_SVC_ITEMS It should filter the list down to a few items. One of these items should have a length of 6, you can click on this and there should be a 6 digit number this is your MSL.
  11. I'll be that guy. To the people who aren't in a spark area and have been waiting since the wimax rollout for 4G this is just more of Sprint's promises that likely will not be delivered as they are presented. It is the number of years Sprint takes to do anything that seems to wear on people even if they are actually working fast. It just doesn't seem like they are really delivering on all of their NV/LTE announcements when you have been waiting years for better data speeds. I am sure "by the end" Sprint's network will be in fine shape. Let's just hope there are enough people around to enjoy it.
  12. Stock charger is 1.2 amps. The back of the Nokia DT-900 charger plate says Input: 750mA and the plug that goes into the wall says Output 0.75 Amps. I believe the wall adapter plug is giving the wireless charger plate that much power, 0.75amps or 750mA. No idea how much of that is converted or output to the wireless charging for the phone though. There is no Output listed on the charger plate itself. I am sure many things affect how well it works, including cases. Even if it was 100% efficient that means at most it is 750mA. I set my phone on the plate around midnight or 1am and it is charged when I get up around 7am. I think the lowest I have had the battery is around 4%.
  13. That icon is a hideous distraction. I am glad it is so easy to edit the systemui.apk. I will replace this stupid thing really fast, or at least remove the animation from it.
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