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  1. Worked around 10:30AM Pacific Time (SF Bay Area) Checked at 6:30PM on two FreedomPop Freedom Spot Photons and 4G connects, but any request just redirects to a 4g.freedompop.com portal. At last, I can stop using them
  2. It's 2G/EDGE speeds after the throttle-point. Basically 56k. (Hey, that's like Sprint 3G sometimes!) Throttled to 0.5-2Mbps "3G" instead would be much better - 56k is unbearable to use (how did I do it before?), but it's less unbearable when it's 56k on LTE latency. Sounds strange as hell, but I had to experience it myself.. They have tiers, and truly unlimited is now one of them. Most customers are okay with getting throttled after 2GB or 5GB. The option of switching on demand is nice, too.
  3. I tried already no LTE, not even eHRPD. EvdoA all the time. SignalCheck can't even see LTE. At some point in the past, I mapped with my deactivated EVO Shift 4G. I was able to map WiMAX intermittently, but mapping WiMAX wasn't worth the trouble.
  4. North. Nexus 4. I'll let Sensorly do the talking (mapped mostly by me): http://sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/T-Mobile/lte_310260#q=95131 I believe this is now too off-topic, so if you want to continue discussion about that, shoot me a message! (or if there was an appropriate forum thread, that'd work too, but I wouldn't expect one on s4gru)
  5. I'm still lurking because I want to see Sprint have that "4G everywhere" network that I'm waiting for (that T-Mobile somehow delivered here.) I just can't contribute to the search and the Sensorly mapping.
  6. From Oracle Arena: 5/2 - Game 6 vs Denver Nuggets 5/12 - Game 4 vs San Antonio Spurs I'm pretty sure I was connected to the Oracle Arena site, which is listed as 3G/4G complete and the only one in the area, yet for some reason, LTE strength was solid, but speeds were really slow. It got up to around 1Mbps while the game was on (meaning people were off their phones), but I was expecting more from a complete site. Unfortunately, my time here has come to an end.. I've disconnected my Sprint line, since T-Mobile has been working great for me. It's been fun times for the past year with you guys, getting excited over newly-completed towers and mapping a ton of Sensorly. Now I'm having fun mapping T-Mobile (the majority of the bay area was done by me)
  7. I got a blip of (fake?) LTE, but definitely couldn't complete the circle. Sorry boss. http://sensorly.com/...20fremont,%20ca
  8. It's up now! http://sensorly.com/map/4G/US/USA/Sprint/lte_310sprint#q=millbrae%20transit%20center,%20ca
  9. Got some new LTE at Millbrae Caltrain/BART and walking up El Camino. Definitely a newly-finished tower. Yay! My Sensorly data doesn't appear to be showing yet though..
  10. Sensorly must have been backed up.. yesterday's data is finally up (last checked about an hour ago) Uploaded a bit of T-Mobile LTE this morning as well! Can't wait to see it on the maps. edit: oh weird, it's visible at certain zoom levels
  11. Getting LTE at Mission College! (last checked on Wednesday 3/20) The tower here has been NV Complete for quite some time/many months. The Sensorly data at the moment shows stuff from other nearby towers. I'll do some more plotting later. I believe this tower also serves the nearby Mercado shopping center as well, so finally, some relief there!
  12. This, and you can hit Menu>Details to see the datapoint count that's pending upload ("Messages to send"). It should increase when you're collecting points, and decrease when you're uploading them. This will help determine if you're uploading them at all!
  13. There are a few towers between the completed tower in that area, and Union Landing. The ones that service Union Landing aren't complete yet.
  14. I started commuting from SJ to Millbrae last week. Usually 101, but sometimes 280 and sometimes Caltrain. But always Sensorly
  15. Unfortunately, the tower closer to most of the restaurants is still "in progress", and wasn't broadcasting LTE when I walked by on Thursday 1/24. Yeah, definitely not all. The one near the Caltrain station is the same one I referenced above
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