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  1. Anyone heard if the Nexus 5 will get updated for wifi calling?
  2. Just saying nobody around here (Iowa City) has one that I know. All Samsung phones.
  3. I have not seen anyone else in my lifetime with another N5. I love this phone and hope that Sprint will include the N6 if it is to exist.
  4. Band 25 doesn't show up, but I think it just shows up automatically as Band 26 or Band 41 if connected. I didn't see anything in the settings menu to activate it.
  5. Become a sponsor and check out the sponsor threads and see a lot more info on our sites and great info from many other awesome people. Iowa City has had LTE for a couple weeks. Pretty cool! Hopefully more to come soon!
  6. I have noticed the evdo more in the afternoons then switching to ehrpd in the mornings and later evenings. I am usually on the east southeast side of iowa city. I hope good stuff coming my way soon!
  7. Iowa City lte tower. I was connected to serving cell 51 band 25. What and where does that mean. Thanks
  8. Just south east side of iowa city has lte. Hwy 6 to sycamore to hollywood blvd. Two blocks from my house which sucks. One bar so far.
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