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  1. Where exactly is this? Are you talking about the extreme East side of town near Sunrise Mountain?
  2. I connected to LTE on my iPhone 5 for the first time tonight! It was on Boulder Hwy between Sunset & Russel. Here's my best speed that I saw: I pulled over in a gas station to try various things on my phone and I was blown away. My phone felt like a totally different device! Youtube videos streamed instantly and without any pausing. In fact the progress bar was so far ahead of the playback mark there is no way it could have ever caught up. The app store loaded instantly including image previews of the app. Netflix started playing instantly too and the quality was every bit as good as on Wifi. I was able to scrub through Netflix videos and see the live preview without any trouble and once I stopped on a new scene it started playing instantly again. On 3G all of these activities bring my phone to it's knees. I've often thought about switching to T-Mobile because of Sprint's "3G". This experience tonight made me sure that sticking with Sprint through this transition is the right move.
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