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  1. I didnt know b26 caused the ecsfb issues. no wonder i was stuck in 3g for two weeks were i used to get great LTE signal.
  2. I've had all bands enabled for a months, but havent updated the profile in a while. I did that and just picked up b26. My speeds went from 5 mbs to 28 down 8 up =) however, it seems that after a few mins it goes back and forward to b25 and the slower speeds
  3. I like using the Google Voice app w/ the "show and play voicemails from the phone call log". This shows a play icon in the call log next to the missed call. click it and it play the voice mail within the phone app. It has a scrubber and even speed control.
  4. I'm in Tampa which is one of the 5 Spark roll out cities and my LTE is working great no issues at all.
  5. You got that to work? it keeps telling me that it started with errors and asking me if im rooted (i am)
  6. I'm getting about 8db better than my old evo lte
  7. got mine in the mail today, tried the IMEI and sim and it worked, but at the end it told me to click on chat to finish activating. through chat i got crap like this: Lynn C.: Please contact the source of purchase and get a replacement phone with Sprint logo and that can be activated with Sprint services and we will activate it for you. You: this is a sprint phone. you guys have it on your website. Please check with your supervisor there was information sent out about the nexus 5 Lynn C.: Edgar, yes, you are right, we are also offering this phone on our website and it is available for
  8. Thanks for clearing that up from me If you are stock rooted and Google pushes out an update do you still get the auto update even though you are rooted? And if so, so you get to keep root? Thanks =)
  9. That unlocks the bootloader bit doesn't give you root correct? I saw an auto root chainfire had posted on Google plus. So do this then the root app?
  10. : I see you are inquiring about a SIM card, is that correct? Alejandra M.: To confirm, this is for a Nexus, correct? I never even mentioned the Nexus. Looks like Sprint is on it now
  11. I'm guessing you bought the HTC one used? It makes sense that you could reuse a sim card. Otherwise if you bought a used phone that had a sim, but your old phone did not how else would you activate it. Plan B: Go back to a different sprint repair store and tell them I need a replacement for my malfunctioning GS4 Sim and I left the phone back home =P
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