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  1. OK thank you for the clarification. I'd read conflicting reports. Some report that kickback was still $10 per line but no kickback on third line.
  2. I haven't completely abandoned Sprint yet but have ported three lines to T-Mobile. For me it's all about price and the promos they've been running. With the recent promos you can get three unlimited lines for $80 a month including taxes. In addition if any line uses less than 2 GB a month you get a $10 kickback per line potentially making the bill $50 a month for three lines. And they've been offering free iPhone 7 or galaxy S7 with trade-in of select smart phones. Very competitive/aggressive offers. The guys at my local T-Mobile store have been slammed with port-ins and the T-Mobile Reddit board is going crazy.
  3. No worries, I realize sometimes when a deal seems too good to be true it probably is. I’ve cautiously entered T-Mobile waters with some of their latest promos but I’m holding off completely porting all my remaining 5 ED1500 lines to T-Mobile until I know for sure there is no longer subsidy come September when my remaining contracts are up. I signed up for the T-Mobile $100 Unlimited One plan with the 20% off for life promo. I ported one line from Ting and added a new work line. I did receive a text confirmation for the promo. My billing cycle ended the same night I signed up and the rep said I should see my first bill on 3/5 so hopefully the 20% discount shows up. Yesterday they announced the free iPhone 7 with trade-in and new line. I took advantage of that and ported in one of my Sprint lines. I traded in an old Sprint iPhone 6. Everything seemed to go smoothly but the offer requires a mail in rebate to get the difference between the trade-in and new phone refunded back on MasterCard Debit card which can be used to pay off the EIP balance. I normally don’t like these kinds of offers but I decided to give it a try since adding the 3rd line is free with their current promo. Lots of promos and hoping they all stack. How all this goes with T-Mobile over the next couple months should help with my decision to finish porting my numbers over or not. So far T-Mobile has exceeded my expectations coverage wise. I get service in areas on my commute that were some dead spots with Sprint. My house is also much better covered by T-Mobile. I need an Airave with Sprint. Two of the lines I added with T-Mobile are using my old Sprint iPhone 5S’s that don’t have Band 12 (700Mhz) but they seem to have similar signal and speed tests as the T-Mobile IPhone 7 so maybe Band 12 isn’t widespread in my area yet.
  4. I'm on the bleeding edge of porting all my lines to T-mobile. They have some sweet deals lately. However, there may be a glimmer of hope. Sprint.com was letting me do a 2yr contract on new line tonight. Maybe it was just a fluke.
  5. Out of curiosity what are some of you guys seeing on the Sprint Zone app for your two-year upgrade eligibility. Is it showing an actual date you will be eligible or saying "not eligible"?
  6. I'm weighing a lot of options right now. Four of my lines are will be out of contract September 1 which will be good timing for the iPhone 8 release if the two year upgrade is still available on Apple.com, one of my lines is out of contract now and the other one is in contract until next September. The new T-Mobile One unlimited plan is only $160 for six lines if you can get one of the T-Mobile "hook up" promo codes which is pretty appealing but I think I'm just gonna take a gamble and hope my subsidy will still work in September and stay on ED1500. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. The rep I spoke to said that sometimes they will make special considerations for waving the $25 subsidy fee for long-term customers with who have been with sprint for over 10 years. Possibly worth a try if you are wanting to switch to one of the new plans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I spoke with the retentions rep earlier today about my two-year eligibility disappearing. She stated they're getting an overwhelming number of calls with the same question and implied they are reevaluating their decision as it is resulting in losing customers. Without subsidy on ED1500 the new Verizon and T-Mobile unlimited plans are looking very good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. The screenshot from the post above that shows two-year upgrade eligible on 9/1/2018 was taken last night. Today my billing cycle renewed and now it is not showing as eligible (new screenshot from today added to this post ). I just had a 6th line added to my ED 1500 plan and somehow it seems to have messed up my upgrade eligibility on my other five lines. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I'm wondering if anybody else has seen this happen? On the Sprint Zone app there is a place where you can check your upgrade eligibility. Some of my lines show the future day when a two year contract will be available and some don't.
  11. https://support.google.com/voice/answer/1207070?visit_id=1-636207922354151081-996609837&hl=en&rd=1#faq It sounds like you have to upgrade to a full account to have the new features which isn't available with Sprint integration. https://www.reddit.com/r/Sprint/comments/5pqkun/bye_bye_google_voice_integration_for_new_users/
  12. I read that the updated features aren't available if you use your Sprint phone number as your GV #??
  13. Your limited to iPhone but Apple.com still shows Sprint 2-year upgrades available. None of my lines are eligible so I can't get past the eligibility checker but the option is still there.
  14. Great posts. I'm also on 5 line ED1500 plan and a Sprint shareholder. I want to see Sprint succeed but as a customer I'm going to look for the best value/service. I grumbled at first when I had to give up my Fair & Flexible plan because it wouldn't allow Smartphones but ED1500 has been great. Losing the subsidy is huge. For me, the subsidy is the tipping point of what makes Sprint have value over the competition. The model is simple and I knew that my lines could get a new phone every 2 years for a fair price and I would actually own the phone. Plus, I felt some loyalty to Sprint because they maintained a program for long-time customers who chose it over leasing, easy-pay, new-phone-forevever or whatever. I will see how this shakes out. This isn’t the first time Sprint has tried to end 2-year agreements. Fingers crossed it will still be open through certain channels (2 year upgrades still showing up on Apple.com). Otherwise, the new $55 Verizon 5GB plan I saw advertised during the game yesterday is looking pretty good. And with Verizon I get to stream any NFL game for free.
  15. S4GRU MISSION STATEMENT: "To provide a forum for discussion and education about wireless spectrum, networks, and Sprint Network Vision, in particular, in an online community that is mature, intelligent, and free from uncritical negativity."
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