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  1. Icedamage

    LG G3

    Seems to be on par with my S5, 1-3 db better which isn't much. Haven't had much time to check my usual spots around town so I wouldn't know how well it holds onto signals and whatnot. On a related note, I have notice that sometimes I see the dbm jump up by 10 or more sometimes while holding the phone, haven't been able to pinpoint the cause but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed the same.
  2. Icedamage

    LG G3

    Thanks for the tip! Looks much better now.
  3. What color did you get? I ask because apparently there are some very slight differences between the black and white, and im wondering if there's a difference in reception between the two. White Black differences... -
  4. When do you think you will get yours? Keep us updated so that we have an idea how long it will take us late buyers to get the phone!
  5. Anyone have any idea what the reception will be like on this device? I know noone has one on hand to test out but maybe offer some insight from having owned previous nexus devices on sprint or maybe even the g2 on another carrier.
  6. Icedamage


    Will doing this increase the battery drain by much? Also, I just checked mine and was set to 5 already... what do you recommend I should set it as?
  7. I'm really hoping that someone is able to do a pretty accurate comparison of reception between available bands between the one max and the s4 mini, cause i'm buying whichever preforms better! I do remember Robert stating that the galaxy victory is one of the best lte phones when it came to reception, and I'm hoping that the mini follows in its footsteps.
  8. The fact that this phone is a triband is a huge plus for me, but i'm always concerned about the reception. After getting burned by the evo lte I'll wait until I read on some user experiences on voice and data reception. The fact that there is an antenna visible in photos on the inside cover doesn't sit well with me either...
  9. Its because most people here believe that NV will be completed within a year and signing a 2 year contract on a phone would mean you missing out on its service upgrades. Everyone has their own opinions on the matter though. People might not see any service upgrades for awhile and also Sprint released their 1 year upgrade plan meaning more flexibility on what device your tied down to. Most people regard the Note 3's lack of tri-band a very bad decision on both Sprint and Samsung, since we don't know who's to blame yet. As for why people hate on 1900mhz, I dislike it because I lose LTE as soon as a step into a building. It could be my phone though, god I hate my evo lte
  10. Someone please comment on the reception of this device vs other phones!!!
  11. Thanks for this. I'm really looking forward on how well the receptions are between this phone and the s4.
  12. I just want the one which will have better reception for voice calls... and we won't know which one (htc one, s4) will be better at that until they are released. Screen brightness is also a concern of mine (I work outdoors), but from review videos I've seen on youtube it seems the s4 is winning in that regard.
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