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  1. jamess32

    Sprint Wifi Calling.....

    Has anyone had an issue with "Network connection error. Please try again" message? I have this continuously on my Samsung S5. At least for me it appears to be tied to encrypting the phone. It worked until I encrypted the phone then I just get this error. To test that theory I decrypted and it started to work again, encrypted and stopped. Even tried a factory reset and same result.
  2. Just went to check white 32GB on Best Buy and it comes up at $299 instead of $199, and it is not the Edge version either. I assume it is a typo they will fix
  3. jamess32

    Network Vision/LTE - Washington DC Market

    At Nationals playoff game last night. Sell out crowd and tested 45 MB down and 15 up. Uploaded lots of pictures and had a video chat with no problems
  4. jamess32

    Network Vision/LTE - Washington DC Market

    Band 26 in Sterling. First time I have connected in Loudoun county
  5. jamess32

    Network Vision/LTE - Washington DC Market

    Connected to Band 26 LTE in Vienna, VA this morning at the Vienna Inn. No number but the signal strength according to the bars was fairly low, however it was very usable for data (no speed test but was downloading & uploading pictures)
  6. jamess32

    LG G2 Users Thread!

    Haven't received the update yet. Has anyone noticed any improvement to the GPS performance?
  7. jamess32

    Network Vision/LTE - Washington DC Market

    I am in Dulles and Ashburn area and when my LG G2 received the Spark update last week I started receiving some good LTE (band 41 mostly). In some parts of Ashburn I was getting almost 50 MB downloads. So hopefully things are improving quickly.
  8. After my G2 received the Spark update I was surprised to see it is now always connected to LTE at home when I never had any LTE before. Very weak signal though. -120. Turns out it is connecting to band 41. Didn't even know that was possible yet in my area which is northern VA in Ashburn
  9. jamess32

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    Was hoping the update would fix the swiping to answer issue, but sounds like not yet. I returned the phone already, but am watching to see the fix come through before buying another one.
  10. jamess32

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    Thanks. Did you previously have an issue answering calls when connected to LTE and now it is fixed?
  11. jamess32

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    Although I have returned my phone to Google I was curious if anyone having the problem where you cannot answer an incoming call when connected to LTE has seen any resolution to the issue yet. I was not able to get any help from either Sprint or Google. When this issue is sorted out I was going to consider buying the phone again. Thanks
  12. jamess32

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    When I have the issue I am connected to LTE with a strong signal and get great data speeds.
  13. jamess32

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    I agree it is likely software and will be fixed at some point. Might buy the phone again at some point. If it were a smaller problem I could wait but answering the phone is a big problem for me.
  14. jamess32

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    For anyone that has this problem just wanted to provide an update on what I found out, which isn't much. Sprint has not offered any potential solutions and on Google product forums other people are having this issue and not just on Sprint network. Google said to try safe mode and my problem still occurs when connected to LTE. Hopefully this is fixed soon since there was a lot I liked about this phone, but for now it is on its way back to Google. Back to my reliable EVO LTE for a while. Good luck to anyone with this issue
  15. jamess32

    LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    For anyone like myself that has the problem where the phone rings OK for an incoming call but you cannot answer and the phone then locks up I don't know why it is happening but I think I know under what conditions it happens. At home I only get 3g and never have this problem. At work I am continuously connected to LTE and this problem occurs often, maybe half the time. When my phone is set to 3g only the problem stops. So, does anyone have an idea why when connected to LTE an incoming call cannot be answered? Both Google and Sprint do not know and Google wants to replace the phone. I suspect it is more of a software issue rather than the phones hardware but maybe someone more knowledgeable has an idea. Thanks