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  1. Looks like strangely enough, a battery pull is what fixed the issue.
  2. I received the 2.3.6 update, and now the only way location aware apps are able to find my location is by satellite GPS. When usint WiFi, Maps will work but my weather widget will say it can't find my location, and when on 3G, AGPS won't work at all. Maps will idesay "your location is temporarily unavailable". What's going on? It's not my local tower, I first noticed in when driving to Kansas City in that stretch of I-29 with no native Verizon and 1X-RTT on Sprint. Since then it hasn't worked. I've factory reset my phone, but no dice.
  3. So I was driving home from work the other day, and drove by this newly constructed tower, at the intersection of Adams St. and some unmarked road, but leads to the Windmill St. roundabout. Is there a way to look up who operates on this tower? http://g.co/maps/4dsb9 http://g.co/maps/pd6me This tower I know is managed by Crown Castle, per the signage outside. I thought it was strange though because there's a very VERY large tower (one of the largest I've ever seen) just down the street that serves the area with Verizon 1X, 3G, and LTE, Sprint's 3G, and AT&T's 3G that would
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