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  1. Did they even apply for permits at the Dogpatch site yet?
  2. Agreed. The Market & Castro issue is frustrating. I would add NV improvements for the Duboce Triangle and Dogpatch towers and LTE in the Presidio, and then I'd pretty much be happy with Sprint service all over SF. In general, though, I'm satisfied.
  3. So can you do Easy Pay for a 64GB model and still get the $50 unlimited deal?
  4. Does anyone know if the lease plan for iPhone 6 is available with the 64GB version? If so, what would be the monthly cost?
  5. My phone does this too. I noticed that when I turn "Enable LTE" off in Settings, it stops fluctuating between 3G and o and stays on 3G. So probably related to the phone occasionally scanning for LTE when the setting is enabled and jumping back to 3G when no LTE service is found? It only shows the o for a second or two before returning to 3G.
  6. Thanks Robert. Has anyone else in Iowa noticed recent 3G improvements? Today on I-80 between Iowa City and Des Moines I was able to hold a Skype call for 45 minutes without any drops. The call quality was pretty good most of the time. At home I've been able to stream YouTube videos over 3G. These things would've been impossible even two months ago. LTE will be awesome.
  7. Does a site dispatch report mean that NV updates will begin in Eastern Iowa soon? I figured we might be toward the end of the schedule. I'm in Cedar Rapids and noticed some improvements in 3G speeds over the past month or so, but no LTE yet.
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