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  1. Hit or miss. Map will show full strong coverage but you will get 3G speeds in some full orange areas. Good in others.
  2. Come to my house. Full orange on the map. 2 down and .5 up. Welcome to 2006.
  3. I understand. I only posted that when others encouraged me to leave. That I assume is allowed.
  4. Presumptuous. I renewed my sponsorship this week. Are you offering a refund?
  5. Agree everyone's experience will differ. All I can tell you is that after MANY years in the exact same spots I've tested in the Milw area Sprint sucks to say the least. Just did a test from my house in Waukesha. Outside in a Spark listed strong signal area. Sprint iPhone 6; 2.0 megabit D/L, .5 megabits U/P. Att iPhone 6 in same spot. 18 megabit down, 9 megabit up. I can repeat this in West Allis where I work with similar results.
  6. Real world. And my own phone experience in Milw. West Allis and Waukesha compared to my work ATT iPhone. It's not even close.
  7. I've read variations of the same theme for the past five years. One constant remains. Sprint is a far distant 4th among carriers in this market.
  8. Sprint in MKE has been is and IMO will always be the worst of the major carriers. Regardless of bands. Trying it at any major event is hopeless.
  9. Yep. Same spot next to the two Samsungs on display. Didn't think to toggle airplane mode!
  10. Yeah but the iPhone 6 , which I plan to use, should seamlessly switch to band 41. Right? Thx!
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