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  1. As someone from Cincinnati who visits Maui every year, I will say Ohio has been a horrid place for the upgrade because all of Ohio had Motorola equipment and they found out in Chicago which also had Motorola as well, they had to do a TON of prep work that took almost a year before anything could be turned on. If they didnt, service dropped too much between upgraded and non upgraded towers. So I think you guys dont have to go through that because Alcatel/Lucent is also 4G and you already have that equipment from what I read. Sprint gave me a free Microcell for most of the conversion the service was so bad at the beginning and I am glad they saw fit to do that. Sprint reps know very little about the conversion so dont depend on the reps. We had local members in Cincinnati at almost every tower off and on during the day scoping them out so we knew about what was being done well before anyone in the Sprint NOC did. Someone said earlier that you start seeing 3G upgrades, and you will see tons of them before you get any 4G. It will seem like the prep work will never end, then one by one sometimes 3 a day, Sprint will turn them on and it is just a beautiful thing. Find the local contractors doing the work and you will know a lot!
  2. 800 is popping up all over the place and I am seeing towers from home that I have never seen before.
  3. Retired people can no longer afford things like this B-man. Used to be a member. Btw you have private messages blocked.
  4. Very strange, now the B41 is gone and replaced with Sprint (310120) but the rest is identical including the UL and DL channels.
  5. I am going to bet its the tower at Hamilton Mason and Liberty-Fairfield. Only one I know of around here.
  6. I have been on a B41 band all morning. Isn't that Clearwire? (311490) 00CC1102
  7. Just got 800 for the first time at the corner of Bypass 4 and Tylersville. Inside Jungle Jim's its off and on but solid between those 2 addresses. For some reason I cant browse to a picture on my computer or post a jpg from a URL but this url will let you see the screenshot of SignalCheck Pro. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1kDEWgkw0jYbW9rYTN6NEdpWXM/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Uninstall the Sprint ones for the most part but the HTC ones you can only disable. So they still take up space.
  9. I will say the M8 has a LOT more HTC and Sprint bloat. That is one reason I loved the EVO. It wasnt bloaty.
  10. Yeah I have a bud waiting for one also. He loves his Note 3. I think my next phone will be bigger and drop the tablet.
  11. Just got my brand new HTC ONE M8. If anyone wants a new phone cheap, buy it on Amazon. Same phone that is $199.99 at Sprint is $79.99 at Amazon. That spinning Spark symbol is annoying but hopefully we will get some spark soon!
  12. That happens all the time to everyone I guess. I know it happens to me. Not sure if its because all that towers are totally adjusted yet or whether it does that under more normal circumstances.
  13. I live in Fairfield twp near the Bridgewater tower and I regularly am off the tower on Cincinnati-Columbus Rd which is US 42. Not sure why I see that one but that is about the same distance I think, maybe more. Its 7 miles to I 75 from me. I regular see the one across from Streets of West Chester also.
  14. There isnt a tree within 500 yds from the Princeton tower. I am a mile from it. Its in the median of Ohio 129 so this last picture and none on this page are Princeton.
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