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  1. 1. Add repo.pnre.co.vu/ 2. Install StatusBarFix2 3. You're welcome
  2. I jailbroke my dad's old iPhone 4 since he recently got the 5S two weeks ago. It'll be my testing platform until the evad3rs come out with another revision. Or maybe another essentials upgrade might pop up in Cydia later this week or in the coming weeks.
  3. Mobile substrate isn't updated for iOS 7 so don't expect many tweaks to work. Many of them rely on it. Saurik didn't have the opportunity to package one due to the sudden release. The developers were unaware as well so it'll be a little more time before they actually update their apps. In short... It was poorly thought out. I'm waiting for the second release which will include a packaged mobile substrate updated for iOS 7.
  4. My LTE downtime was about 24 hours. Not bad. Glad that it got fixed and glad that everyone else is fine also.
  5. That could be a good possibility. Could a customer service rep push a prl to your phone if I tell them this problem?
  6. I'm still stuck on 60657. Lol Hopefully they did catch it and are sending out the correct ones.
  7. Thanks for the clarification. I'll head over to that thread and see what's the fuss.
  8. Is sprint forcing iPhone owners off of LTE for the time being? Hmm
  9. Interesting... My iPhone 5 hasn't been connecting to LTE at all the entire day. Tried to troubleshoot it by myself and yet to no avail. I take a peep at the PRL and it has changed to 60657 from 51098. Oh lord...
  10. My iPhone 5 hasn't been connecting to LTE for a couple of hours. I checked my prl and now it's changed to 60657. It was 51098 before I believe.
  11. Yesterday afternoon my iPhone said "No Service" for about 2 minutes. Before and after that though I got "Could not activate cellular service." Also yesterday and today I've been having trouble sending picture messages and group messages going out. Very odd.
  12. Ha. I want to go to the Apple store to replace my phone because the power button isn't working either... But I don't want to lose my jailbreak. I'm pretty sure the newer phones come with at least 6.1.3.
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