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  1. Sounds like the wifi cable was unplugged from that drop. I would look around locally first to save you shipping time.
  2. The tower on Libra drive in ucf is finally being upgraded. They have a lift out there with panels being installed. There is no data at ucf right now just voice. Can't wait because data on campus has been snail slow lately.
  3. New lte on tower between cypress springs and Andover cay on curry ford. Turned on less than an hour ago. Good stuff. Now just need dean and curry ford.
  4. Ah. I see your location now. 50 and alafaya is where you would get lte from when its upgraded. Its on top of the hotel there. I thought you were closer to lake Underhill.
  5. The 3g was not upgraded, Just lte. Jamisonshaw you should be getting lte I got it earlier today when I was in the area unless its down right now.
  6. Wonderful thanks. I know a tower in Orlando Florida just had those installed.
  7. Quick question, how do 2500mhz lte panels look like in Ericson markets?
  8. Just patiently waiting for the curry ford towers there the only ones with 3g only upgrades in the surrounding area so that's sort of annoying lol all the surrounding towers have lte now.
  9. Alright, I finished a lot of mapping also got a speed test of 31mbs pretty good. The average around Waterford I would say is around 8 which is wonderful compared to a week ago where it was only .3ish I'll post pics later I don't have time right now
  10. Ya I saw today in Waterford at buffalo wild wings I had -87 dBm meaning the tower is now live. I'm gonna do a complete mapping tomorrow.
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