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  1. Was able to get LTE in Milford in the stretch of 113 between between like Royal Farms and Walmart last night when my signalcheck app chimed I nearly lost my mind lol
  2. right here on this site in the network vision/LTE deployment running list thread
  3. current production rate completion has moved from October 2013 to January 2014 ouch....
  4. Pretty much which is why we need 800mhz benefits in the worst way down here but i'd be happy with just getting lte 1900 hope to have it by football season lol cant watch RG3 light it up while buffering but im guessing probably closer to the end of the year and who knows for 800 benefits
  5. Hey now this is the wrong thread to be bashing rural areas we want our LTE too lol
  6. So quiet around here you could hear a "pin drop" (see what I did there lol But I was thinking do you think any chance the lte in dover which myself and several other people noticed about week or so give or take from the race was in fact a nascow? Which would explain why the 4g hasn't been seen ( at least by me) since? Can't wait for lte to light up! And last but not least I know 800 benefits aren't part of the plan with gmos but when do you think people will notice those benefits with the full builds? The signal propagation benefits of 800 would probably take me from next to no signal to probably close to full signal given the proximity of the towers near here thanks again have a good night/day everyone!
  7. 4G was blinking In and out today in Dover by the mall I'm guessing maybe they were working on the tower by there seems like they're getting close not quite ready for prime time but it shouldn't be long now good to see! good to see!
  8. still waiting for LTE in Central Delaware (Kent County) I cant stand being in the middle lol it always seems New Castle County and the beaches get everything first for reasons that I DO understand but still lol End gripe session. I was wondering the iden shutoff will that improve signal quality in these parts? It just seems some towers are adequate but some towers are just awful but im definitely sticking around for the good things to come!!
  9. Unpatiently waiting for LTE to light up in Dover and points south lol Hope post #6 is right!!
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