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  1. I have not noticed this recently. Have you tried to do a PRL and profile updates?


    What I have noticed is that there are quite a few areas where there is excellent 3G reception but no 4G at all. In other words, even though the market has been launched for some time, there seem to be a number of towers that Sprint still hasn't gotten to yet.

    I've done all types of PRL updates, worked with over the phone techs and a Sprint repair shop.  All say my phone is working fine.  Sprint keeps claiming, "There are no known outages, but we'll have our techs look into it."  They have been telling me the same story for more than a week.  It does not take that long to discover downed towers.  They even went to far as to lie to me and tell me that my Galaxy Nexus is a Wimax phone, and that's why I can't get LTE!!!  At this point I'm taking it to the BBB, FTC, and FCC if need be to get the ETF waived.  Anyone had any luck with this?  I think my complaint is legit since they are falsely advertising coverage in several places around town.  I have the screen shots to back it up!

  2. I went from picking up LTE anywhere in Norfolk/Chesapeake/VA Beach to nothing at all.  After spending more than an hour on the phone with a Sprint rep, the issue is slightly better, but I've noticed I still have to airplane toggle to pick up LTE signals that I had no problem getting in the past.  I have a rooted GNex, but the thing is, my wife's stock iPhone 5 has the same issues.  Anyone else experiencing this?

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