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  1. Issues here in Marshfield as well
  2. *3001#12345#* then hit dial. Then Serving Cell Info then look at the band indicator.
  3. mosoccer

    iPhone 6 omnibus thread

    iPhone 6 Gray 128GB
  4. mosoccer

    iPhone 6 omnibus thread

    Just got shipping confirmation email with UPS tracking number for my preorder from Sprint.....now to wait until Friday.
  5. In Marshfield area and experiencing the same as you are.
  6. Robert Thanks for the update to the running list totals, I think a small tweak is needed to the Northern WI LTE Sites Accepted % "LTE Sites Accepted = 5861%" Guessing 58.61%??
  7. mosoccer

    Happy Birthday Robert

    Happy Birthday Robert!
  8. mosoccer

    Current Sprint PRLs

    iPhone 5s here and updated to 51100
  9. The 800LTE thread is in the premier sponsor section. From your iPhone dial *3001#12345#* dial, if you are connected to LTE you will see a menu item for "Serving Cell Info", under that is Freq Band Indicator, 25 is 1900LTE 26 is 800LTE
  10. Rapids is a launched LTE area (http://newsroom.sprint.com/news-releases/sprint-turns-on-more-4g-lte-markets-expands-lte-coverage.htm). I've been in the area previously and had LTE, doesn't mean they can't be tweaking or something now. Looks like you are a sponsor, don't forget to check the sponsor maps for that area to see what accepted upgrades there.
  11. mosoccer

    Current Sprint PRLs

    Anyone know anything about PRL 20989 -- it's what I currently have on my iPhone 5s. I did a few searches here and on XDA and didn't turn up anything.
  12. First week of July I was through that area and was able to pick up LTE while driving on Hwy 51.
  13. I was on Hwy 10 from Point to Marshfield yesterday afternoon and was having connection problems as well. Once I hit the tower that has LTE on the south side of Marshfield I was fine again.
  14. Press release from today says LTE for Marshfield/Wisconsin Rapids in coming months: http://newsroom.sprint.com/news-releases/stay-connected-this-summer-sprint-4g-lte-expands-into-22-new-cities.htm
  15. On the south side by Hwy 10? Still showing 3G on the north side.