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  1. Just noticed that I am roaming onto a B71 T-Mo tower at home, and am still able to connect to VOLTE! As far as I can tell this is something new, previously when roaming on T-Mo it would drop out of VOLTE
  2. The Android 10/OneUI2 beta program has closed, and they have released the official version to the beta crew on unlocked phones. You shoudl see the update soon.
  3. An unofficial post on the OneUI2 beta community claims that the beta has gone final and has been released to the carriers for testing. I don't know how accurate this is but it's been a while (Jan 6) since we got a beta update. Since the original roadmap showed a January release, it's quite possible that the next update will include Android 10/OneUI2.
  4. New Beta update this evening, this would be beta 3. Short list of fixes, note that there is a now a VoLTE icon when VoLTE is enabled. Should be pretty close to an offical release.
  5. This is the Beta 2 update for Android 10. They seem be be coming out about once a week. It has VoLTE and additional aggregation, although they are both turned off by default. Just a few weeks away from final!
  6. Just got beta 2 update. A few small bug fixes, still December security
  7. The roadmaps I've seen online show an official release in January. This beta seems pretty polished, I expect they found most of the bugs while building the S10 version. Samung moved to an official version on the S10 pretty fast, so maybe they will do the same for us.
  8. It's a beta program offered through the Samsung Members app. If it's still available you will see a banner offering a signup on the opening page of the app. It's beta,so not everything is perfect and Google pay won't work. The official version is supposed to be available in a few weeks.
  9. My unlocked S9 had calling plus on Android 9, but I don't see it in the menus anymore. You might be onto something. Wish there was some sort of icon to tell for sure.
  10. How can you be sure your call is going over VoLTE?
  11. By the way, although I have VoLTE turned on, It doesn't actually work yet. I'm in Boulder county Colorado which I think has VoLTE activated.
  12. So far it seems pretty stable, only issue I've noticed so far is that Google Pay thinks it's "uncertified software" and wont work. Maybe a little less battery life, but its too soon to tell. It's got the December Security patch and a Dec 6 date on the kernal, so it's fresh out of the oven.
  13. Not sure where in the data menu tp look. Right now my phone won't connect in VOLTE mode and the data menu shows VOLTE disabled. I don't know if my location doesn't provide VOLTE yet or if Sprint has to enable my account for VOLTE or what.
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