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  1. man o man my 3g sucks! I get 3g for a few min then it goes out then on again. Is it me or you guys have the same problem?
  2. lte back on in chula vista!!!!!
  3. they lit up the one on the 805 and east h i mapped it today....
  4. Mapping Rancho Del Rey right now!
  5. did some mapping today by Clairmont and the 15
  6. man i havent gotten any lte love
  7. @latinoloco4rwf rofl

  8. Apple wins critical SIM connector patent http://t.co/EJsMP76R via @CNET screw apple

  9. Mario Chalmers he is on fire


    #IfSantaWasAsian he wouldnt know how to park his sledge

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