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  1. Nearly fell out of my seat watching the #OpendeEspaña @EuropeanTour . So close Nacho. Rambo dominates!

  2. @SodaStreamUSA would be great to have some SodaStream #josta flavor. @pepsi please bring it back! #nostalgia

  3. RT @altcointalker: BIG Sumokoin giveaway! This is your one and only chance to win 100 Sumo! Just leave a comment with your Sumo address for…

  4. @Official_Alexh Awesome setup. Mind sharing which GPU’s you’re using?

  5. @Golfhackno1 @IanJamesPoulter They need to use the same flag sticks the PGA tour uses. Rotten luck.

  6. new cavs uniforms are atrocious. Goodyear logo is the best part. Bring back the blue, gold, get rid of Cleveland. #cavs

  7. @weatherchannel rockport, water rising to homes. Credit @Jeff_Piotrowski https://t.co/zc4hxUXCBB

  8. I've seen more towers in the Akron area getting a second panel put on. Is this for spark?
  9. Thanks to @CityofCleveland for making my commute home 2 hours from not plowing the streets. #goodfornothing #cleveland

  10. Just want to give a big fuck you to the city of #cleveland for making this traffic so wonderful. Good thing for these luxury apartments.

  11. Having major dropped call issues in Akron today and yesterday. Hope it's resolved soon, as I'm unable to complete a call. Hopefully NV is in progress
  12. Sorry if this question has been answered, but in areas of the cleveland market that do have WiMAX, will they still get band 41/25?
  13. Switching from my iphone 5s to a #blackberry q10. What an awesome phone.

  14. Isn't sprints roaming agreement with Verizon up soon? I'd think it would be in sprints best interest to try and renew it. Any thoughts? I often find my self roaming on Verizon, even in a native sprint area.
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