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  1. Profile feed? PROFILE FEED?!?!?! MADNESS!!!

  2. Wanna link me to an article? I tried googling but can't find anything for some strange reason
  3. Doesn't iOS 7 show 1x as 1x, evdo as 3G, and LTE as LTE? At least now I don't get confused about what I'm actually on >.>
  4. "Its network team is smart, prioritizing solid web page performance over raw speed-test results."
  5. I find that changing your background REALLY changes the feel of the device. http://i43.tinypic.com/j6rhcj.jpg
  6. Rest in peace. I'm don't really know too much about all of this, so I can't say much, but I feel like the families of these people should get some support for the hard time that they are in currently.
  7. The prl that you made for sponsors is still better IMO
  8. I'm surprised they haven't announced the sf bay having LTE yet, I'm getting LTE over 70% of the time traveling around the bay
  9. I've noticed that when I reach the last page of a topic and press the next button that it would take me to the top of the page not sure if its new but I just learned I could do so and it's convenient
  10. Hm... I've had the iPhone 5 for a few months now, and occasionally it switches between 3G and o. Toggling airplane mode or waiting for half a minute fixes it but it gets annoying as it will do this randomly and sometimes in the middle of some work, timing everything out. I can connect and work on LTE, 3G, and 1x just fine, and I'm jailbroken. Do you think I have this AN_AAA issue? I would rather not want to replace my iphone as 6.1.4 can't be jailbroken.... PM me please?
  11. IMO, 10 GB per month for same price of what we pay for unlimited is a good way to go. Abusers have a limit, its high enough so that it's still "unlimited" to most subs, and also high enough in case someone wants to go on a trip and doesn't have access to the Internet so that they don't need to worry about their cap.
  12. How would you even use that much even with tethering/torrenting/streaming in 15 days?!?! O.O
  13. Because CDMA will have either great voice quality or you just don't have service is that right?
  14. Kaixor


    Did anyone else receive a message today like this: SprintFreeMsg: CPUC is holding Public Participation Hearings re: CA Lifeline Program R.11-03-013. Info at sprint.com/consumerinfo What is this?
  15. So what will happen immediately following this?
  16. I still can't recognize who is on any given site though at least I can spot them much better than before! That count for something right?
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