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  1. I haven't been back to PC, but I have a moto x 2nd gen now on Republic so I have tri band. It doesn't appear to help consistently get 4g without dropping. If you go on the north side (Capital Circle and I10) there is definitely a legacy tower there, I guess there having permitting trouble. There is other places too where it goes back to the almost unusable data, but then again Verizon is looking like they are heading the same way.
  2. No I don't think so just have to check allowed uknown source apps to install. If it dosent work there is a file you can try to replace in the system/lib folder on xda developers site but you have to be rooted to access system lib.
  3. Are yall having trouble with the launcher. I tried changing the language and rebooting then changing it back but its still not working.
  4. From the spreadsheet it looks your PRL says no BC10 so definitely no 1x 800 for that PRL, but 31104 doesn't have any mention of no BC10 so I guess that means that PRL has it?
  5. I have an galaxy s2 with the 31104 prl and I thought that supported 1x on 800? From the spreadsheet on prls that was posted. Maybe that's why I haven't seen it yet?
  6. Does anyone know Ericssons usual approach, because in Tallahassee, FL I am seeing more and more lte, but I have a gs2 and don't have lte and I haven't noticed any better speeds or 1x on 800. I also haven't been able to confirm any new antennas mounted although they are hard to figure out. I'm assuming if they have lte up they have back haul so then they should have the new equipment up?
  7. Ok thanks for the info Txmtx. Im assuming this extreme cell loading is whats causing the received signal strength to bounce between full signal to no bars, and this should be remedied by NV increasing cell capacity and cell range. But what I don't get is that when observing Ec/lo my epic 4g touch on boost with a JB modem dosent seem to hunt out a good Ec/lo, the best I remember seeing is around -9dB, and I see some people around here reporting -1.5dB? It will often switch and the Ec/lo goes even lower than it was? Im guessing that's just how bad it is in Tallahassee with the legacy network.
  8. What about when RSSI is high but EVDO switches to 1x for no reason. I've been noticing this more often in Tallahassee, FL and noticed it real bad in Panama City, FL. I'm guessing probably because of just network congestion. I don't get in these places where the legacy data connection is so bad to where your data connection become useless the network wouldn't go back towards equilibrium, because people will stop using a contested connection and that will in turn free it up some?
  9. I saw the sensorly in Tallahassee too. I have an S2 so can't map LTE but it looks like its on 27 east of Capital Circle where its probably not needed at all because it dosent look like it expands to southwood. I haven't been to that side of town to see if 3G is better though. Lately it seems as though things have been getting worse at my house on the northwest side of town. Even voice is starting to go in and out when it was fine before. The only place where you can be gaurennteed under 150ms and 1Mb is anywhere near I-10. I went to Panama City this weekend and I feel very sorry for an
  10. Yeah it is completely unusable anywhere on FSU campus. But the other day I was getting about 400-500kb download but then it seemed to go back to the usual 30 40kb or just fail the test. Only places in Tallahassee where you can get any good speeds is either anywhere around the interstate or Tharpe and high road.
  11. OK thanks for the info. I saw some lte stuff on sensorly in old town but I thought that would be apart of the Jacksonville market?
  12. Does anybody have any info for network vision in the panhandle market. I've seen comments that it's not in first or second round so it won't be started until at least 2013, but I don't see any announcements on it. It seems like when you search the internet for Sprint network problems Tallahassee pops up a lot and probably due to having 2 universities and being the state capital is stressing the 3g network. That and asking with how crazy the city and county here are about permitting.
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