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  1. Thanks. Unless anybody else has any suggestions I'll go ahead and grab one of those. Also, sorry for thread hijacking. It just felt kindof related.
  2. I still have coverage where I am at. What's a good unit to buy?
  3. Its been on for at least 2 weeks. Before I even got my Note 3
  4. Does anyone know if I buy a hotspot from eBay if I can register it with a Clear plan?
  5. GonzoRocks

    Teaser: Megalith, megahertz...Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

    lol @ people calling the Note 3 huge. This thing is bigger without the screen or the horsepower. I guess you could buy this, or wait a month or two and get the Note 2 for the same price and have a plethora of aftermarket accessories and ROM's available to you.
  6. GonzoRocks

    For Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Note 3, one is the loneliest number

    100% the writers OPINION. Stick to the facts
  7. GonzoRocks

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    I rooted my phone on Friday (#yolo). I have insurance on my phone so if something happens, I'm covered. http://www.squaretrade.com/ is a good alternative to Asurion.
  8. GonzoRocks

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Has anybody done a teardown yet to confirm there is no antennas/amlifiers for these bands?
  9. GonzoRocks

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    You are more than welcome to crop them/resize them and PM me links to update my post if it bothers you that much.
  10. GonzoRocks

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    I dunno if its been reported but band 26 and 41 are listed on the ##DATA## menu, but are disabled: image 1: image2: image3:
  11. GonzoRocks

    Handoff Native to Roaming?

    Make a custom PRL that lowers priority or gets rid of the Commet towers altogether. I might be making a quick tut on that soon.
  12. GonzoRocks

    iOS 7 UDID Registration

    Oh oh
  13. GonzoRocks

    iOS 7 UDID Registration

    I PM'd ya but no response