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  1. Thanks @EgreenMarriott !

  2. @billburr Hey there's hope for you yet! https://t.co/b1WNlO4muY

  3. @TVirl_app I'll check it out, maybe I missed it! And actually, I think I noticed it's off in another app as well, so not just TVirl. :)

  4. Castle, railroad, Winnie the Pooh... Closed, closed, broken. I have a disappointed 4 year old. Let down. @DisneyParks @WaltDisneyWorld

  5. RT @wingoz: with Brady's suspension lifted.. I'm changing my prediction for the AFC East from "Patriots win division".. to "Patriots destro…

  6. RT @JayGlazer: RT @ussoccer_wnt: Yes. @CarliLloyd just completed a hat trick in the first 15 minutes of the (cont) http://t.co/VROxWGPdxB

  7. RT @foxandfriends: The emotional moment a military mom surprises her son at his high school graduation in Alabama…https://t.co/d8Tvg0chSD

  8. Goodell gave up NFL's tax exemption to avoid disclosing his future compensation. That's conduct detrimental to the integrity of the game.

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